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North Q-HSE Consultancy

Q-HSE Consultants.

The company was founded on Sola in Rogaland in 2013. Its main office is in Sola. It is founded by a group of people who want to use their long experience to make a difference in the industry.


North has developed a new standard in Q-HSE support to the Oil & Gas Industry offshore and onshore. The company regards the possibility for growth within the global Oil & Gas industry as the Q-HSE services will be highly requested in the market in the future worldwide.

Our goal is to become a significant supplier of our services within 3 to 5 years.

The company supplies high quality consultants to the industry.

North Q-HSE Consultancy are focusing and specializing within the following categories;

  • Safety Coaching On / Offshore

  • HSEQ Coordinators On / Offshore

  • Dropped Object (DROPS) prevention experts

  • HSEQ Managers

  • Training and Competence Surveys (also within Dropped Objects Prevention)

  • HSE training for personnel

  • Q-HSE Advisory Service

  • Drilling Equipment Advisory Services

  • Verification of Governmental Systems

  • Investigation of Incidents

  • Emergency Preparedness

  • Suppliers Audits

  • SMS Audits

  • IMCA Audits

  • Offshore Medics

  • Human Factor Specialists

  • HSE Lifting and Logistics specialists

  • Other Q-HSE services on request

  • Behavioural safety personnel

North Q has developed system for Rig Intake and “PSA” verification “See to Duty Matrix” for drilling operations