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DROPS Reliable Securing Booklet - Revision 02. (Oct 2009)


This document is intended to help eliminate the risk of dropped objects. It applies both to equipment being procured and to equipment already in use on all installations.

In many cases, the functional recommendations that are stipulated for the equipment in this document will set a new standard for our activities. We recognise that it may be impractical to adhere to all the recommendations, but the booklet sets a standard we muset aspire to. Also, the handbook is a guide only – it does not supersede the requirements of existing legislation and / or corporate standards.

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22 Nov 2011

The definition of barriers that will prevent objects falling has been an important goal and these can be used in the procurement, use and maintenance of equipment for work at height. When procuring new equipment, we should endeavour to use integrated barriers. In order to minimise the danger of collision, we should always evaluate the risk associated with the chosen location of equipment.

Equipment must be designed to provide the safest possible access for maintenance and inspection.

The functional recommendations set out in this handbook should be complied with through the full value chain:

  • design
  • operation
  • procurement
  • maintenance
  • installation

By mere compliance with these recommendations you will help achieve the goal of zero dropped objects.

Who is responsible? Everyone in the value chain.