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DROPS Guidance Updates 2017


Allen Smith DROPS

Presentation on how the DROPS Recommended Practice is the overarching guidance, providing consistent and consolidated direction and definitions, with common references to further, more specific, DROPS guidance. The Recommended Practice sets out a high-level, common approach. Although developed by DROPS North America Chapter for Wells, it is valid for all industries, sectors and disciplines and is promoted by DROPS as such. Allen explained where Reliable Securing sits in the hierarchy of guidance and he thanked the Review Team (including Industry Specialist input) for their 18 months of effort that have culminated in the new Revision 4. Including an overview of the main changes to the document since Revision 3, including: standardised DROPS definitions; removal of brand names; revised sections on bolting; risk assessment; worksite best practice; hoisting and lifting and much more.

The updated Reliable Securing document is now available in PDF format for free download here and DROPS member pack updates will include a higher resolution PDF. Printed A6 Booklets are also now available to order and the details/price list can be viewed here. DROPS Member companies may also request personalised versions (to include your logo on cover and safety message, if required, on inside cover). This branding is free of charge to DROPS members on orders of 250 booklets or more.

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18 Dec 2017