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Gas Rack Signage Plate Potential Dropped Object


Alistair Tong ADC

Incident whereby a signage plate (3.8kg) was found hanging precariously from a gas bottle storage rack by a single self-tapping screw when landed on a rig after being lifted from a boat. TOFS was called, the equipment was quarantined and an investigation commenced. Alistair’s presentation catalogues a series of failings and findings: inappropriate securing, inappropriate materials, poor design. There were missing and sheared bolts/fixings; painting behind loose plate and over corroded fixings, and a redundant and failed previous signage method (plastic) that had been secured inside the rack. Clearly, there had been numerous failed opportunities to correct or report the situation during inspection and maintenance. One of the resultant actions from this incident is a recommendation for such plates to be installed on the inside rather than outside of the rack.  

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27 Feb 2018