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Offshore Chemical Portable Tanks


Bas Hetterscheild Petersons

Opening with a safety alert shared by MSF in September where a section of grating weighing 17kg fell 6m from the top of a tank. Initial identified causes were failures around the grating clips. Petersons have undertaken a design review of their portable tanks, improving / enhancing the fastenings / nut locking systems and considering all hazards relating to potential dropped objects and working at height. The result is a completely new and innovative design, where many of these potential hazards are now removed or mitigated.  Design changes include improved fastenings, introducing stainless steel components, redesigned manhole covers, reducing access height and need for tools aloft, improving visibility and considering potentially loose or misplaced objects in all design features. The Chemical Tank Datasheet is available to download here. For further information, email

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18 Dec 2017