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Subsea Dropped Objects Awareness


David Jamieson Salus Technical

An overview of the Subsea Dropped Object Software that Salus has recently developed. The system is a simple to use, step-by-step process providing documented risk assessment for dropped object hazards at subsea facilities and pipelines. The user creates a New Study with the capture of a subsea layout drawing (eg in pdf format). The tool simply requires the distance between two known points on the drawing to fully scale the entire layout. Design Data is entered in a stepwise manner, eg pipeline details, water depth, size of lifts etc. For any selected drop point, the system calculates the probability of impact from dropped loads and the risk of hydrocarbon release.  It visually identifies the results on the layout drawing and instantly generates a risk matrix.  A technical report is also instantly available. The system is validated with DNV-RP-F107, completely free and available to use now at

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