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To date, the DROPS Work Group has produced a broad array of tools, products and deliverables, including inspection programmes, awareness videos and presentations, safety checklists, guidelines, procedures and best practices.

Many of these products are available free of charge - either as downloadable templates or as promotional give-aways. However, for some products where significant effort has been expended in their production and refinement, there is a charge. Visit the DROPS Products Section of this website for more details.

The main methods of disseminating new products are via Regional Forums, via the web or through the DROPS Campaign Workpack concept. All member organizations receive a free DROPS campaign workpack and additional packs can be purchased through DROPS Global.

Each pack contains all the DROPS products that have been developed at the point of issue and buyers also have the option to purchase a subscription for future updates (This is automatic for members).

This self-contained workpack has proved an ideal format for platforms, rigs, terminals, bases, and our workpacks are now in use at hundreds of sites and locations around the world.

DROPS Products and Campaign Packs