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DROPS Train the Trainer

The only dropped object prevention training programme prepared and delivered by DROPS.


The DROPS Training / Awareness Course is a modular and flexible training package designed to raise awareness of dropped object prevention throughout the oil and gas industry and beyond.  The Training focuses strongly on the basics of dropped object hazard identification, risk assessment and effective risk management. The programme is based upon Industry and DROPS Forum lessons learned and associated best practices. The training is suitable for offshore and onshore audiences and captures the best practice and lessons learned by the DROPS Workgroup and its members.


The objectives of the DROPS Training and Awareness Course are:

  • To understand and define what is a potential dropped object

  • To know how to identify a potential dropped object and the common causes

  • To review methods for the control and prevention of potential dropped objects

  • To understand roles and responsibilities in respect of potential dropped objects

  • To consider options for maintaining awareness and continuous improvement in the fight against dropped objects.


Module 1: Understanding Dropped Objects Terms and Definitions; Static Dropped Objects and Dynamic Dropped Objects; Primary Fixing, Secondary Retention and Safety Securing; Causes and Causal Factors; Incident and Alert Reviews; What are we Doing about the Problem;
Module 2: Controlling and Preventing Dropped Objects Hazard Identification; Risk Assessment; Risk Ranking; DROPS Calculator; Leadership and Ownership; Preventive and Mitigating Controls; Survey, Inspection and Maintenance; Remedial Actions; Improvement Actions; Audit/Monitoring; Management of Change; Tools at Height; Process Safety; Red Zones; Plans and Checklists; Subsea Dropped Objects; DROPS Best Practice; Reliable Securing; Responsibilities; Interactive Examples;
Module 3: DROPS through the Supply Chain (in brief) Considering the Dropped Object Threats and Improvement Opportunities at each stage of the typical Chain
Module 4: Hazard Observation Interactive and Practical application of Hazard Identification, Awareness and Understanding


The DROPS Training and Awareness Programme is provided to all Train the Trainer delegates as an editable presentation complete with the necessary templates to allow you to customise the training to suit your specific asset(s) and operation(s). An extensive resource of supporting guidance and reference material is also supplied, including documentation, presentations, photos, graphics and other media files.


The DROPS ‘Train the Trainer’ Course is designed to review the course content, explain how best to deliver the awareness programme, how to tailor the presentation to differing audience groups and how to customise the awareness for specific assets, locations or operations.

The full suite of training material is supplied digitally in MS PowerPoint format on a USB drive. An extensive resource of additional electronic material is also supplied, including DROPS Best Practice guidance, documentation, presentations, images, graphics and other media files. Copies of the DROPS Calculator, prompt card and current Reliable Securing handbook are provided as course handouts.  The course materials also include a simplified Primer Level Awareness presentation which can help with initiating your campaign or for lighter awareness requirements.

A DROPS certificate of attendance / participation is issued to all Train the Trainer course delegates.


DROPS ‘Train the Trainer’ Courses are held regularly at the DROPS (Silverdot) offices near Aberdeen, UK. Courses will also be typically offered in conjunction with DROPS Forums and Events around the world.  Current Training Dates are presented on


DROPS can support your Company or Site-specific training requirements with the tailoring, facilitation and delivery of dropped object prevention training based on the DROPS Train the Trainer course templates and recommendations. See the Company-specific Training section.


For further information and booking DROPS Train the Trainer courses, contact


  • Train-The-Trainer per delegate (inclusive of USB containing all course material):  £495.00 

  • Train-The-Trainer Delegate and Pack**:  £595.00

Discounted rate for DROPS Members only:

  • Train-The-Trainer per delegate (inclusive of USB containing all course material): £445.00
  • Train-The-Trainer Delegate and Pack**:  £545.00

* The costs detailed above relate to events conducted in Banchory, Aberdeenshire and are inclusive of all venue charges including refreshments and lunch. Where DROPS Global Train the Trainer events are held elsewhere, the rate is altered to reflect varying levels of sponsorship and / or local venue charges.
** DROPS Training Materials Pack includes: Fully editable Course Presentation Modules (PowerPoint) supplied on USB, including comprehensive electronic suite of DROPS Best Practice materials and supporting presentations; 50 Course Attendance Certificates; 50 DROPS Calculators; 50 DROPS Pre-Task Prompt Cards; 15 Reliable Securing booklets.