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Red Zone alignment for Stand-alone Operations


Richard Conway Shell

An overview of a current Shell project to identify and implement Best Practice on Red Zones for Wireline and Stand-alone operations. Explaining the systems that Shell have in place to manage dropped object prevention, including Red Zone management which is well embedded for rig operations. An example of a drillfloor specific Red Zone induction was shown. For Stand-alone operations, Red Zone protection is less evident, principally because each operation can be unique due to temporary equipment and unfamiliar surroundings. Zones may be on multiple levels and may not have a step-back area. Examples of differing methods being applied around the world when working on Wireline Operations but these do not specifically enforce Red Zones. The Shell objective is to further review methods, processes and systems applied by their key well service vendors and to selectively develop a Best Practice based on these. Shell will update DROPS at next Forum and will be looking to share their learnings with us in order that we can enhance our DROPS Recommended Guidelines for Use of Restricted Access Areas (Red Zones) which will be updated in 2016.

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11 Dec 2015