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DROPS FORUM - Aberdeen, 4th August 2010

Alistair Tong, ADC; Donald Cumming, BG Group; Bill Anderson, BJ Services; Harald Myklebust, DOM Group; Keith Dawson, Peterson SBS; Debbie Mecklenburgh, Shell; Sue Calder, Silverdot; Allen Smith, Silverdot; Greg Reid, Silverdot; Neil Birnie, GE Vetco; Aaron Dawson, Nexen; Michael Griffin, Aker Solutions; Dougie Greig, Seawell; Hanne Skogestad, Shell; Pim Braun, Shell/NAM; Kjetil Skrovse, Firstline; Roger Bjorkli, Firstline; David Ellis, OES; Gavin Leslie, Shell; Mark Summers, Shell; Darren Williams, Leading Edge Safety; Drew Beardmore, Leading Edge Safety; Steve Morrison, Weatherford; Mick Morrison, Weatherford; Catherine Earle, Hi-Line/Atlas; Derek Birse, BOL; Alan Moore, Chevron; Ronnie Watt, Dolphin Drilling; Tony Horsfall, Harsco; Dave Richardson, NOV; David Hill, Reel; Kristina Rettie, Sparrows; Gary Hill, StopDrop; Wayne Bradford, Transocean; Kenny Leggat, Transocean; Sarah Butler, Woodgroup; Glenn Bryant, Total; Andrew Jameson, Woodgroup; Richie Adams, EDC; Adrian Connor, Reel; Greg Spence, Environstore; Billy Buchan, NOV; Andy Watson, Helix; Andy Robb, Helix; Alan Petrie, Snap-on.

Greg Reid of Silverdot opened the Forum and gave a Safety Brief. Many new members and visitors were present and introductions were made.

DROPS Update – Greg Reid, DROPS
• A further 5 campaign packs subscribed since Stavanger Forum, including our first to South Africa. Reminder that we have adopted new style metal cases for campaign packs.

• Delighted to welcome following new members: Drilling Rig Masters (USA), TIEC Inc (USA), Harsco Corporation.

• Total subscription now 1000.
• We welcome suggestions for articles or topics for the next issue of FullStop and we seek a sponsor – can your company help? 
Please email DROPS Administration with all Newsletter enquiries. 

DROPS Forums:
• The next Forums will be held on:
- Tuesday September 28th at Park Plaza Victoria Hotel, Amsterdam (day before the IADC European HSE Conference)
- Tuesday December 2nd at Marcliffe Hotel, Aberdeen.

DROPS Training:
• DROPS Training sessions have continued in Aberdeen with significant interest and participation from the Marine Sector in recent training sessions. Several company-specific training courses also been undertaken, including PDO, Oman (through Mark van de Velden).

• A number of Safety Alerts will be featured in today’s forum – full details posted to web thereafter.
• As ever, please send us details of any relevant safety alerts or flashes. 
Please email DROPS Administration with all safety alerts. 

DROPS International:
• DROPS USA and Asia now established and Debbie is serving as a communications link with them.
• Significant interest now from Middle East and possible Forum coinciding with training in November.

• We are pleased to welcome Leading Edge (Darren Williams) and First Line (Roger Bjorkli and Stephen Humphris) to today’s forum. They will both tell us of their products and services a little later and are available during the coffee and lunch breaks to answer your questions.

DROPS Products:
• Our second Rogues Gallery was installed at CHC Helicopters Terminal in Aberdeen on 10th June. Please continue to donate your exhibits to help us refresh the galleries.
• Our Website Restructure has made significant advances and will be up and going by next Forum. It’s far more streamlined, easier to find information / presentations and far simpler to manage. It will have the new domain name of
• DORIS, our dropped objects statistical database, was showcased in Stavanger and will be launched with the new website. Focal points will receive their login details in the next week or two.
• We await final approvals before we can publish a useful Subsea Dropped Objects Matrix, highlighting typical equipment and the potential consequences of these items falling subsea in terms of drop cone angle, drop radius and impact energy. We are now in dialogue with the authors to confirm validity of the data. Subject to demand, we still intend having a focus group on subsea dropped objects. Has your company undertaken any research in this area? Let us know. 
• We are presently designing our Winter DROPS Awareness poster (based on member feedback). This will be available by next forum in English, Norwegian and Dutch language versions. Our focus now turns to a Summer DROPS Awareness poster (heightened activity/shutdowns etc) for 2011. A call for suggestions and information will be issued with minutes. 
• Our focus group looking into a Tools at Height Standard met before today’s forum to set the scope and objectives in terms of final deliverable.

Three new best practices have been developed and issued:

  • DROPS Restricted Access Areas (Red Zones)
  • DROPS Pre-Task Checks – Best Practice and Guidelines
  • Common Standard for DROPS Inspection and Survey 

Follow this link to download the presentation. 

Dropped Object Incident – Dougie Greig, Seawell
Dougie gave us a presentation of an incident that happened earlier this year where a metal drum weighing approx 200 kg fell from a height of 15m. We were given an overview of the incident and what happened. The Vertical Barrel Clamp was incorrectly fitted to the drum. The manufacturers safe use instructions did not adequately identify precautions with installing the device over a filler cap and how the device can be over tightened. The presentation details the findings of the followup process. 
Follow this link to download the presentation.

Working at Height – Darren Williams, Leading Edge Safety
Leading Edge Safety is a company that specialise in Working at Height safety training and products. We were given a presentation and demonstration on the bespoke tool lanyards and tethering solutions that have been developed by Leading Edge Safety. The presentation included various statistics and references to legislation (HSE The Working at Height Regulations 2005). 
Follow this link to download the presentation. 
Contact Leading Edge directly at:
Web: Leading Edge Safety Website. 

High-Potential Incidents – Alan Moore, Chevron
Alan presented 3 High Potential incidents that have occurred on Chevron facilities in January 2010. These were an electronic equipment enclosure weighing 7.5kg and falling approx 8-10 metres (DROPS Calculator = Fatality), a Jetting Unit Radiator Louvre which fell to sea (approx 25m) weighing 100kg and a metal plate weighing 12.5kg falling approx 4m and landing on the deck (DROPS Calculator = fatality). The presentation included the Root causes and subsequent corrective actions. 
Follow this link to download the presentation. 

Potential Dropped Objects – Donald Cumming, BG
BG’s presentation highlighted a variety of potential dropped objects during a rig inspection/modification process.


Dropped Object Awareness Training Package – Wayne Bradford, Transocean
Transocean have put in place a global training awareness package and are sharing it with the DROPS members. This package is put together with the intention that it captures their whole workforce. We were shown the actual presentation that is used. This training package and facilitators notes is available to download from the DROPS website. This training package and facilitators notes can be downloaded by clicking here. (ENGLISH and NORWEGIAN) 

CMO Picture Books – Roger Bjorkli, Firstline
Firstline have developed a PDA electronic inspection system. This system was developed to eliminate a manual process i.e. paper etc. Firstline believe that their solution improves operational performance by simplifying compliance data collection, management and reporting. A live demonstration of an inspection and how the PDA worked was shown. 
Follow this link to download the presentation.
Further details please contact Firstline directly via email or visit the Firstline Website.