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DROPS FORUM - Aberdeen, 6th April 2010

Kyle de Jager, AESCO; Donald Cumming, BG; Bill Anderson, BJ Services; Derek Birse, Britannia; Neil Marr, BP; Alan Moore, Chevron; Jon Twitchin, CLS Offshore; Gary Mowat, CNR; Findlay Moir, DSL; Richie Adams, Egyptian Drilling Co; Alistair MacDonald, Gulf Offshore; Donald Dobson, HSE; Douglas Greig, Seawell; Dave Richardson, NOV; Marc Coull, RBG; Martin Sim, Scotgrip; Martin Leupen, Shell; Stacey Murphy, Shell; Louise Mugford, Shell; Ian Goodenough, Snap-On; Dave White, StopDrop; Ronnie Watt, Total; Christoffer Strom, Transocean; Darren Low, Vetco; Alan Petrie, Snap-On; Lisa McKay, Salamis; Victoria Lee, Salamis; Catherine Earle, Hi-Line; Harald Myklebust, DOM; Jane Robson, Sabre Safety; Dave Ross, Sabre Safety; Bruce Campbell, Baker Hughes; Niall MacPherson, Smith Int; Adam Barlow, Smith Int; John Garden, Smith Int; Tom Graham, Sigma 3; Dave Gordon, Tyco; Mark Watt, Tyco; James Smith, Tyco; Neil Birnie, GE Drilling; Steve Mellor, Rowan Egypt; Eddie McEvoy, Chevron; Graham Todd, Chevron; Michael Wood, Nexen; Kevin Hall, Aker MH.

Greg Reid of Silverdot opened the Forum and gave a Safety Brief. Many new members and visitors were present and introductions were made.

DROPS Update – Greg Reid, DROPS 
• 2009 Pack updates all issued in January. A further 23 campaign packs subscribed in first quarter 2010. With growth in pack contents, we have adopted new style metal cases for all further packs. 

• Pleased to welcome the following new DROPS members: Frontier Drilling (USA), Aquaterra Solutions Ltd, CNR International, Rig Resources (Singapore) and AESCO LLC of Egypt. Delighted that Marathon Oil (USA) have rejoined after a period of absence and we welcome an old DROPS stalwart back as Ritchie Adams brings EDC of Egypt onto the membership. 

• Total subscription now 1000.
• January Newsletter very well received with great feedback on the Cargo Handling Guidance.
• Next Newsletter will be a June issue. Do you have any articles or topics you wish to address in this issue? Do you wish to sponsor this issue or a future newsletter? (Sponsorship is £2950 incl print.) 

DROPS Forums:
• 2010 Forums will be held as follows:
- Thursday June 3 at Radisson Blu Royal Hotel, Stavanger, Norway; - Wednesday August 4 at Marcliffe Hotel, Aberdeen; - Tuesday December 2 at Marcliffe Hotel, Aberdeen;
• A forum was planned in Amsterdam for Thursday October 5th. However, to maximise exposure, we are rescheduling to Tuesday September 28th, the day before the IADC European HSE Conference 

DROPS Training:
• Five DROPS Training sessions have been held in Aberdeen in first quarter. Significant interest and participation from the Marine Sector in recent training sessions. SAFETY ALERTS:
Several serious safety alerts released to global DROPS circulation list in Q1:
• Lamp fell during Cargo Lifting (Thanks Marine Safety Forum)
• Riser section falls during lifting due to incorrect slinging. (Thanks Marine Safety Forum)
• Cable Tray Support (5kg falling 37 feet) fell and struck Roustabout resulting in LTI but potential fatality. (Thanks Talisman Malaysia)
• A number of Safety Alerts will be featured in today’s forum – full details posted to web thereafter.
• As ever, please email DROPS Administration with all relevant safety alerts for circulation. 

DROPS Products:
• The second Rogues Gallery (Scotia Helicopters) will be kindly sponsored by Transocean. We desperately need exhibits – please help.
• DORIS progresses well… presentation later
• DROPS Winter Campaign… details and discussion later
• Subsea Dropped Objects… details and discussion later
• Common DROPS Standards… details and discussion later 

DROPS International:
• DROPS USA and DROPS Asia now fully established and functioning. Debbie is serving as a communications link between all and will update us on their progress later.
• In discussions with Mark van de Velden (PDO Oman and former DROPS figurehead) regarding possible DROPS Middle East chapter. 

• BHP Mining has shared with us their dropped object awareness approach. They have agreed to make this fully available to all Members subject to the removal of all BHP and client references. Presentation follows.
• Total have noted many recent issues with the backloading of equipment from installations, especially potential dropped objects being left in pockets etc, containers arriving to and from the installations with equipment poorly packed. Total use backload checklists and have all the procedures in place (LECOP) and they are “hammering it home” on a regular basis but there are still gaps. Are other members experiencing similar trends?
• Short video demonstration sent to us from Chevron USA - effect of a 220g bolt dropped from monkeyboard. 

DROPS Share Lessons – Greg Reid, DROPS 
Greg shared some incidents that were shared by Marine Safety Forum, the Chevron video, and an overview provided of the BHP Mining approach to Dropped Object awareness. 

DROPS Global Chapters – Debbie Mecklenburgh, DROPS
Asia Pacific has had 3 Steering Committee meetings to date and hold regular teleconferences due to the different locations of the members. The SC currently consists of 7 member companies. Their first forum meeting was held on 17 March and the minutes will be available to download shortly. Asia is currently setting their focus issues for 2010; primary objective to engage more operator participation. The recurring theme through Asia is the requirement for a common inspection guideline.

North America has had 3 Steering Committee meetings to date and they have 9 member companies in attendance. They are looking to hold their first forum in Houston in May – date and venue will be confirmed and advertised on our website. Current objectives for North America include expanding membership base; focus on 3rd party equipment handling; Incident review process for sharing information. Please can your encourage your colleagues in these regions to attend events that will be happening during 2010. All member companies are global members and can help make a difference in the fight against Dropped Objects. 

DROPS Winter Campaign – Greg Reid, DROPS 
Greg gave an overview of some suggestions that were received from members that we could use as Winter Campaigns for 2010. 
Follow this link to download the presentation. 

Subsea DROPS – Greg Reid, DROPS
A request for information was sent to all members. Chevron has confirmed that they are currently updating their subsea procedures and these will be shared with DROPS members in the near future. This will effectively give us a DROPS calculator type scenario for using subsea. 

Follow this link to download the presentation.

Jar Safety Clamps – Niall Macpherson, Smith International 
Niall gave a presentation and demonstration on the progress of the safety clamp. We have looked at issues around the jar clamps for the past few years and are delighted at the progress made. 
Follow this link to download the presentation. For more information, please emailNiall MacPherson

Marine Safety Forum update – Alistair MacDonald, Gulf Offshore
Alistair showed us a few slides of recent incidents. These included items left in forklift pockets; a wooden spar that dropped 20 metres; crane light fell off etc. 
Follow this link to download the presentation.

Insulated Tools at Height (New Toolkit) – Ian Goodenough, Snap-On
Ian gave a presentation and demonstration of their new insulated tools that have been developed for use both offshore and onshore. 
Follow this link to download the presentation. 
For further details, please see their website DROPS do not endorse any product for any company. We allow an opportunity for vendors to demonstrate Best Practices. 

DORIS – Allen Smith, DROPS
Allen gave an overview of the purpose of DORIS. It’s an online tool that registers incidents and statistics of dropped objects. This will give us a statistical overview of incidents. The work group have been using the database for the past few months and we saw some graphs that identified the different factors around the dropped object incidents. The database will be “live” soon and all operator focal points will be able to input their incidents for 2010 to date. Every Forum we will show a slide overview of the incidents. Members will be able to go online and get a drill down overview but the data will be anonymous. 

The current work group will split into two. One group will focus on the management of DORIS and the way forward. The 2nd group will work on formulating and developing Best Practices around repetitive incidents.

Human Factors in Investigations – Neil Marr, BP
Neil gave a brief background around the way that BP would investigate an incident. A systematic approach was used and it was recognised that many investigations were not getting to the root cause. After engaging with a leading company in the Human Factors field, BP updated their Root Cause Analysis processes. The Human Factors tools covered various behavioural factors - Behavioural Extraction; Intentional Behaviour; Unintentional Behaviour. The process is embedded and is working. BP keep training and re-training investigators and looking for opportunities to apply the tools. 
Follow this link to download the presentation.

 Hazard Hunt Findings – Douglas Greig, Seawell
We were shown a presentation that detailed some of the items found during a recent Hazard Hunt Day that Seawell rolled out across all installations that they are working on. All incidents have now been rectified. 

Common DO Inspection Standard – Allen Smith, DROPS
One of our main Focus Issues has been to develop a common standard. We have worked closely with Transocean and build onto their current working practice to develop a draft Common Guideline for Independent Dropped Objects Surveys. The Steering Committee members have reviewed and commented on the standard and these are currently being incorporated into the document. All members will receive an electronic copy of the standard for review and comment. Once complete, the Standard will be a controlled document and published in the near future. 

Open Floor and Any Other Business
Greg invited the attendees to offer any issues for further discussion in the open floor session. 

Donald Cumming from BG raised the question around standards for tools. Is anyone aware or do you work for a company that has a standard for hand-tools? Snap-on agreed that there is no standard so they created a Best Practice and Guideline for using their tools. The Steering Committee will check with the HSE to see if they have guidelines available or in progress. 

A Focus Group will be developed to look at this issue and an update will be provided at the next meeting.