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DROPS FORUM - Amsterdam, 28th September 2010

Frank Aagesen, Aker Solutions; Ad Tange,Moduspec; Derek Birse,BOL; Jan Juistenga, NAM; Daan Bakkum, Control Union; Leen Vlamming, NAM; Ronnie Watt, Dolphin; Austen Wilson, NAM; John Kyle, Dolphin; Pim Braun, NAM; Hanna Myklebust, DOM; Gosta Rydin, Nordlock; Harald Sverre Myklebust, DOM; Ton van Doorn, Peterson SBS; Kjetil Skrovje, Firstline; Tom te Lindert, Peterson SBS; Roger Bjørkli, Firstline; Peter de Bie, Peterson SBS; Stephen Humphris, Firstline; Dave Hill, Reel Group; Fred Geldermans, GDF; Orjan Solheim, Schlumberger; Raymond Kooij, GDF; Feyling Henning, Seawell; Steve Allerton, Go-Home Safe; Stacey Murphy, Shell; Leo Pasveer, Harsco; Ian Goodenough, Snap-on; Tony Horsfall, Harsco; Reni Verschuur, Snap-on; Kevin Porter, Helix Well Ops; Dave White, StopDrop; Sean, Helix Well Ops; Joachim van der Meulen, StopDrop; Jan Mulder, KCA Deutag; Tony Johnson, Transocean; Heinz de Vries, KCA Deutag; Gaby Stouthandel, Weatherford; Eelco Sixma, CGG Veritas; Gerrit Joling, Schlumberger; Christoffer Strom, Transocean; Vidar Gjerstad, Statoil; Remy de Winter, Shell; Reinhard Muller, Bentec; Greg Reid, DROPS; Allen Smith, DROPS; Sue Calder, DROPS; Debbie Mecklenburgh, DROPS..

Greg Reid of Silverdot opened the Forum and gave a Safety Brief. Many new members and visitors were present and introductions were made.

DROPS Update – Greg Reid, DROPS
Greg delivered an overview of DROPS to date, including the products that we have available. 
Follow this link to download the presentation. 

High-Potential Incidents – Derek Birse, BOL
Derek presented 3 High Potential incidents that have occurred on Chevron facilities in January 2010. These were an electronic equipment enclosure weighing 7.5kg and falling approx 8-10 metres (DROPS Calculator = Fatality), a Jetting Unit Radiator Louvre which fell to sea (approx 25m) weighing 100kg and a metal plate weighing 12.5kg falling approx 2.5m and landing on the deck (DROPS Calculator = fatality). The presentation included the Root causes and subsequent actions. 
Follow this link to download the presentation. 

Working at Height Securing Equipment – Orjan Solheim, Schlumberger Wireline
Orjan’s presentation was developed following an incident of a falling tool that they had a few years ago and the best practice that has taken place since that event. The information shown included tests on carabineers’ and wires used for securing tools when working at height. The results of these tests confirmed that current equipment was not suitable. A company, AGR, was then tasked by Schlumberger to identify suitable working at height securing equipment and support findings with field tests – these tests were documented using spider8 (a multi-channel PC measurement electronics for parallel, dynamic measurement data acquisition using a computer) and a high speed camera. The presentation included a couple of videos of live demos of certified and non-certified karabiners. Schlumberger now have recommendations for tool karabiners. 
This presentation is available to download but please note that this includes a number of movie files. Dependent upon you internet connection, this will take some time to download. Please also note that all files are hyperlinked to the Powerpoint presentation and should remain together in the presentation folder. 
Follow this link to download the presentation.

HSE, The next web 2.0? – Wouter De Gier, NorthMain Advies
Wouter gave an overview of the way that IT technologies have evolved to help with HSE methods that can be used on mobile phones/devices. One of the new products is our DROPS Calculator which is now available as an iPhone ‘app’ and can be purchased via the Apple Store. Developed by NorthMain Advies, a Dutch-based Management Consultancy, the app provides an intuitive and highly visual calculator tool to calculate the impact of potential and actual fallen objects and understand the consequences. Just enter the weight of the object and the estimated fall distance – the calculator will tell you immediately about the potential impact on humans. The results are presented using standard safety terminology in combination with Joule impact of the fall. 
Follow this link to download Wouter’s presentation.

To find out more and to purchase the DROPS Calculator app, please visit the Apple Store . Search for the app under Dropped Object Calculator. 

This tool complements the existing Excel based Calculator available on this website. 

DORIS: Online DROPS Data – Allen Smith, DROPS
Allen gave an overview and explained the purpose of DORIS. It’s an online tool that registers incidents and statistics of dropped objects. This gives us a statistical overview of incidents. The work group have been using the database for the past few months and we saw some graphs that identified the different factors around the dropped object incidents. The database is now “live” and all operator focal points are able to input their incidents for 2010 to date. Every Forum we will show a slide overview of the incidents. Members will be able to go online and get a drill down overview but the data will be anonymous. The current work group will split into two. One group will focus on the management of DORIS and the way forward. The 2nd group will work on formulating and developing Best Practices around repetitive incidents. 

DROPS Inspection system 
– Roger Bjørkli/Stephen Humphris, Firstline/CMO
Firstline have developed a PDA electronic inspection system. This system was developed to eliminate a manual process i.e. paper etc. Firstline believe that their solution improves operational performance by simplifying compliance data collection, management and reporting. A live demonstration of an inspection and how the PDA worked was shown. 
Follow this link to download the presentation.
Further details please contact Firstline directly via email or visit the Firstline Website. 

2011 Focus Issues – Greg Reid, DROPS 
Greg invited the audience to nominate areas that could be a focus for 2011 for DROPS.

  • Arctic conditions – ice build up
  • Weather conditions in Norway/North Sea.
  • Pre-checklist for extreme conditions
  • Collation of design faults for feedback through procurement/contracts department
  • Safety pack for “green hat” contractors to bring up to speed on DROPS & Safety
  • Marine Operational chain – checklist/awareness campaign
  • Interrogate DORIS and pick up on stats to create awareness campaign
  • Slings/blocks – standardisation – weighting

These valuable inputs will be collated with other Regional items and presented at the December Forum for discussion and 2011 planning. 

Marine Incidents – Tom de Lindert, Peterson SBS
Tom presented examples of items that have been found prior to being shipping offshore and received back onshore. He also showed a variety of statistics that show the increase in items dropped. A discussion followed around this and we endeavour to support the marine industry in our focus to prevent dropped objects. Tom’s presentation is available to download here. 

Any Other Business – Greg Reid, DROPS
Greg thanked all attendees and Table Top presenters and closed the meeting with a brief overview of DROPS’ history and achievements. Download Greg’s presentation here.