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DROPS FORUM - Den Helder, 8th October 2009

Sue Calder, Silverdot; Dave White, Stop Drop Tooling; Tom te Lindert, Peterson SBS; Martin Leupen, NAM/Shell; Derek Birse, Britannia; Sander Pols, Petro-Canada; Joris Fris, Petro-Canada; Arjam Slikker, Peterson SBS; Bjorn Gjelsten, AAK A/S; Bryan Chapman, Shell; Jamie Hall, Shell; Terry Simmons, Hi-Line Tools; Mark Chandler, DSL; Gray Symons, Petrogramme; Bjarne Nerlandsrem, Ocean Rig; Harald Myklebust, DOM; Henk Looy, Schlumberger; Lee Baxter, Helix; David van Bourgonje, NAM/Shell; Ad Tange, Moduspec; Andre Bosman, Chevron; Aad Apeldoorn, Chevron; Mark Watt, Scotgrip; Sarah Butler, WGENS; Kenny Leggat, Transocean; Richard Waddington, Nord-Lock; Wilco Schuurs, Nord-Lock; Graham Souter, Nord-Lock; Rob Bieleveld, BJ Consultancy; Jans Bieleveld, BJ Consultancy; Henry Hendriks, Venture Production; Loek Sakkers, Peterson SBS; Peter de Bie, Peterson SBS; Chris Keen, Helix; Vitaly Lee, Shell; Gerard Oudmaijer, GDF Suez; Ton de Vries, GDF Suez; Marc van Dijk, Weatherford; Gaby Stouthandel, Weatherford; Henning Byberg, Shell; Mirren Gerega, Shell; Gert Middeljoms, Total; Anne Toussaint, BJ Services; Stacey Murphy, Shell; Chris Wijngaarden, NAM; Gordon Graham, Shell. 

Greg Reid of Silverdot opened the Forum after a lunch and networking session.

DROPS Introduction – Greg Reid, DROPS 
Greg’s introduction gave an overview of what the DROPS Forum is and its objectives. The main objective is to help prevent Dropped Objects and the sharing of Best Practices. We have moved more globally now. Asia and America will share their learning’s with everyone via the DROPS Global team. DROPS Europe has focussed on a variety of issues in 2009. 
The main focus issues are:

  • Ageing Assets / Asset Integrity / Common Inspection
  • Workpack and web update
  • DORIS (Dropped Object Register of Incident and Statistics)
  • Rogues Gallery
  • Prompt Cards
  • Reliable Securing Update
  • Newsletter

Incident Presentation – Tom te Lindert, Peterson SBS
Tom gave a short presentation, which included statistics of loose items found on cargo going in and out of Den Helder. He also showed a few incident, first presented was a couple metal cap that fell 15 m, weighing 4kg. The 2nd was a piece of plastic that fell during back loading 2.5m, weighing 5kg. It was fortunate that nobody was hit as when plotted on the DROPS calculator, both items had the potential to cause fatalities. Also described was a Safety Alert whereby there is a potential risk for tubular protectors to come loose in transit. 
Follow this link to download the presentation. 

Oilfield Trash – Derek Birse, Britannia
Chevron’s short presentation highlighting the global epidemic of uncertified locally modified or fabricated equipment. This presentation included an overview of actual and potential dropped object incidents caused by equipment that was not suitable for use in the workplace. The problem was illustrated by a series of photos of locally modified or fabricated items that were found whilst undertaking DROPS Hazard Hunts or Sweeps on various installations. Modified equipment exposes the workforce to unnecessary risks and potential fatalities. Chevron branded presentation. 
Follow this link to download the presentation. 

DROPS Products – Allen Smith, DROPS
Allen gave an overview of the latest products that are available to members that will help eliminate Dropped Objects. One product is the best practice that we learned from Den Helder, a Rogues Gallery. We will have a cabinet installed at Bristow’s heliport displaying items that were found in a variety of locations. We have also a game of Snakes & Ladders that has been developed as a workshop tool.
The electronic DROPS calculator has been prepared and will be available soon to download from the DROPS website. The user can now input the height and weight of an object directly into the calculator and plot the potential outcome. The changes to the calculator reflect the requests from our US colleagues. 
We were also shown the newly developed Dropped Object Register of Incidents and Statistics (DORIS). DORIS will be a database that all members can input their own statistics so as we can have an overall picture of member’s data. It will be confidential and not all fields are mandatory. Investigations within companies should be completed before registering anything in DORIS. Statistics will be issued on a regular basis through the year. We are testing the system currently and a trial database for members will be available at the December forum. The actual Go-Live date will be in January 2010.
A demo of the latest workshop DVD that Go-Home Safe has produced was shown. There are two based on lifting operations, one for offshore, and one for the shipyard. 
Also shown was an SGB DVD on unsafe behaviours and included a scaffolding themed incident. Please email DROPS Administration with all DVD enquiries.

Reliable Bolting Demo – Richard Waddington, Nordlock
Richard showed a video, presentation and additionally a desktop demo on their bolt securing system. Traditional bolt securing products have limitations of friction grip and Nordlock have developed washers that rely upon geometry, not friction. These bolts can be used in a variety of applications ie CCTV, structural joints, lifting gear, gratings, handrails etc. 
Follow this link to download the presentation. 
Please email Richard Waddington with all Nordlock enquiries.

Lessons Learned – Gordon Graham, Shell
Gordon gave us an insight into the new global Dropped Object Prevention Standard that Shell has developed. The focus is important to Shell globally as a high percentage of High Potential Incident’s were due to dropped objects. This Standard has been rolled out to all of the staff and contractors associated with Shell drilling, completions and well intervention operations. This is the start of a campaign with a number of tools that will be delivered over the next 18 months. In conjunction with the standard manual, an ABC guide, similar to the DROPS Reliable Securing booklet but with additional topics and more Shell specific. They are working with Go-Home Safe to develop more DVD’s similar to what we saw earlier today for global use. 
Follow this link to download the presentation.

If any company or organisation is looking for help in developing their own procedure, please email DROPS Administration for help and information.

Demo – Rob Schlipper, Dropsafe
Rob showed a presentation that gave us details on Dropsafe’s Mesh Safety Cover. This product was developed after consultation with drilling contractors and each product comes with a Certificate of Test and Examination. These can secure a variety of overhead fixtures ie lights, camera’s etc. It works by securing the both the fixture and the fixture components by an integrated security cable. 
Follow this link to download the presentation. For further information, please emailRob Schlipper.

Interactive session/Open Floor and Any Other Business
Greg invited the attendees to offer any issues for further discussion in the open floor session. 2010 focus group ideas and suggestions were: 
• Standardised pipe-handling equipment – design procedures
• Improve communications across supply chain (ie design)
• Support new contractors - Promote DROPS and expectations throughout industry
• Exploring cross industry contacts for sharing best practices