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DROPS Forum - Houston, 24th August 2015

This event was hosted by DROPS Global, kindly supported by NOV providing a very comfortable and secure venue, and Silverdot Limited providing a light lunch for all delegates.

Introduction and DROPS Global Overview – Allen Smith, DROPS

  • An overview of the current DROPS Global portfolio was shared with the audience and included:

  • Brief overview of current DROPS Working Groups

Allen then shared an overview of his personal experiences from DROPS Training around the globe. Common findings from these countries include:

  • Limited Scope - DROPS still perceived as a drilling issue

  • Communication - DROPS members encouraged to share resources with their global colleagues

  • DROPS Calculator – use it as a pro-active tool in planning / pretask assessment.  

  • Definitions and Descriptions of Dropped Objects are still unclear: Primary fixings - bolted connections, clamps, welds, brackets; Secondary Retention - safety pins, lock wire, Locking nuts and washers etc – both of these are Preventive Measures.  Safety Securing - Securing wire, connectors, nuts and baskets, safety chains are all Mitigating Measures.

HESS Global Drops Initiative - Jacob Moore and Josh Blackaby
An engaging presentation detailing the development, engagement and success establishment of a Dropped Object Prevention Visual Standard in the Bakken Field. A committed and fully resourced Committee, working closely with DROPS and Service Partners has championed Best Practice and returned positive results in the field. The presentation is available to download here.

DROPS in Manufacturing - Brian Caldwell, Baker Hughes
Insight into the management of dropped object prevention and mitigation in the manufacturing and workshop environments. Highlights included awareness of drops in manual handling / stacking and storing, forklift and crane operations and general housekeeping. The presentation is available to download here.

Vendor Presentations
Vendor Table top introductions from Ryan Bostick, Stanley Engineering (Spiralock) and Dave White, Stopdrop Tooling were visited during coffee break. Both specialist representatives provided a brief overview of their products and a copy of their presentations available here (Spiralock / Stopdrop Tooling)

Recent Focus and Progress - Rich Osmond, BP
Rich Osmond offered some positive company statistics in dropped object prevention. The eWells concept proved successful and is delivering key learnings from incidents. Highlights included:

  • Challenge and verify installation procedures

  • Review Contractor Red Zone implementation

  • Verify all barriers are in place and managed.

The Hunt for Potential Drops - Bent Nielsen, Maersk Drilling
A broad, honest and engaging presentation illustrating the Maersk approach to Dropped Object Prevention. Maersk’s campaign addresses human factors and engages the workforce with hard-hitting material and intuitive 3D awareness training. The presentation is available to download here.

Data Drilling Approach to Dropped Object Prevention - Shen Chen, Baker Hughes
Following studies of previous incidents, significant focus has been placed on leveraging learnings to address the precursors to dropped object incidents. Shen also made reference to the vast resources available through DROPS and encouraged all to make use of these. The presentation is available to download here.

Eliminating Dropped Objects: A Class Society Perspective - Chris Corcoran, ABS
Chris Corcoran opened with a comprehensive overview of ABS mission, objectives and organisation. ABS are reviewing DROPS Best Practice with a view to providing guidance and resources from the perspective of a classification body. The presentation is available to download here.

No Need for Retightening - Bruce Hudson, Nordlock
An interesting presentation illustrating the application and benefits of the Nordlock product. Highlights included maintenance of high-clamp load, quick and easy installation and removal, reusable, high corrosion resistance and no retightening required. The presentation is available to download here. For more information, please see their website  

Shell DROPS Improvement Strategy - Carl Flores, Shell
Carl provided an overview of Shell’s 4 Stage Plan toward eliminating dropped objects. Further to a first stage Gap Analysis, the team have established a network of contractor representatives to meet quarterly to focus on issues, concerns and share lessons learned.

The Way Forward for NA DROPS Chapter - Allen Smith, DROPS
The current North America Committee is dormant. DROPS Global aim to support its revitalisation. Suggestions from the participants included:

  • More regional events with local issues

  • Focus Groups with good facilitation (working toward deliverable guidance / tools)

  • Mini networks created that can grow and add value

DROPS Global will continue to communicate with members in the region and look forward to hosting an event in Q2 2016.