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DROPS FORUM - Singapore, 6th April 2011

The third DROPS Asia forum was held on the 6th of April 2011 in Singapore at the main ballroom of the Shangri La hotel which was sponsored by Seadrill. Over 60 industry professionals from operators, drilling contractors, service companies, equipment suppliers and the local government attended the event. 

The main subjects of the forum were: 
“What is the role of the service companies in preventing dropped objects” and: “How can we incorporate DROPS best practices in new build rigs.”

Welcome – Joachim van Der Meulen, Stopdrop Tooling (Secretary DROPS Asia)
After several successful forums in Malaysia and Brunei, awareness of the problem and interest in DROPS continues to grow. Testimony to that is a fully booked forum with over 60 participants from a wide range of companies. One of the key subjects of this forum is how to get service companies involved in DROPS. So it is very encouraging to see that 3 of the latest joined DROPS members in Asia are from K2Velosi, OES and KB Associates, all service companies. 
Joachim expressed sincere appreciation on behalf of the Steering Committee to Seadrill for sponsoring the forum with no strings attached. Besides sponsoring, Seadrill is actively involved in DROPS Asia. Seadrill is implementing various dropped object preventive measures throughout its fleet and is willing to share the lessons learned with the rest of the industry. 
Follow this link to download a copy of the presentation. 

Dropped Object Incident – Dave Woodruff, Maersk Drilling
Dave Woodruff presented some dropped object incidents from the Maersk Completer operating for Brunei Shell Petroleum. Most of the incidents could have been avoided by not installing unnecessary signs equipment at height and considering the DROPS potential when designing equipment and rigs. For example, Maersk found and removed an unnecessary warning sign installed in the shipyard at the top of the derrick held by a few strips of double sided sticky tape. 
The committee expressed hope that more companies will come forth like Maersk in sharing their dropped object incident or best practices within the DROPS Asia community.
Follow this link to download a copy of the presentation. 

Shell DROPS Implementation in SEA - Update – 
Simon Seward, Shell Malaysia E&P
Simon delivered an update on Shell’s DROPS implementation in Southeast Asia. Although there is a downward trend in dropped objects incidents Since Shell launched its DROPS campaign in 2009, it still accounts for 45% of the HIPO’s. 
Focus on DROPS has shifted from awareness and expressing expectations from Shell to inspection and auditing of DROPS programme on facilities and also release of more guides and material on other aspects of DROPS. 
The steering committee acknowledged the impact Shell’s Prevention of Dropped Objects campaign is having on the industry. Not only are the rigs working for Shell becoming safer, some of the drilling contractors such as Scorpion (Seadrill) and Atwood Oceanics have taken some of the initiatives and have implemented them across their entire fleet. 
Follow this link to download a copy of the presentation.

Discussion : Role of Service Company – Shane Ritchie, NOV
Shane delivered an insightful presentation on the role of service companies in dropped object preventions. The presentation gave a systematic breakdown of the various processes and roles of service companies in preventing dropped objects in the drilling industry. Shane also shed some light on some of the initiatives taken by NOV in incorporating DROPS in product design phase. 
There is a general consensus that greater industry sharing of best practices should be encouraged to increase the industry’s effort in preventing dropped object incidents. One possible collaboration is the sharing of dropped object pre-load-out inspection checklist. 
Follow this link to download a copy of the presentation. 

Dropsafe – Practical Demonstration – Dan Burman, Dropsafe
An introduction of Dropsafe products was given by Dan. Dropsafe nettings are used as secondary retention for speakers, lights, cameras and other such equipment installed at height. Visit the DropSafe website for further details. 

Red Zones – Dave Woodruff, Maersk Drilling
This presentation focuses on the implementation of the red zone scheme onboard the Maersk Completer operating for Brunei Shell Petroleum. 
Follow this link to download a copy of the presentation. Follow this link to view the DROPS Recommended Guidelines for use of Restricted Access Areas (Red Zones). 

Red Zones Video – Steve Allerton, Go Home Safe
Steve shared with the audience a short language free training video on red zones. A sample of the video can be viewed on Youtube at Other DROPS related videos in the series include Tools at height, Tubular Handling, Crane & Skip Operations. The Go Home Safe video workshops are used by companies worldwide to enhance safety awareness for DROPS. 
Further details are available from Go-Home Safe directly. 
Please visit the Go Home Safe website. 

Discussion : DROPS on new build and reactivation projects – Rodney McPeters, Seadrill
Rodney led a discussion on DROPS initiative at the new build and reactivation projects. The discussion centred around two key areas:

  • DROPS in shipyards
  • Incorporating dropped object prevention features when rigs are still in design phase/built phase

There is consensus that this initiative can be further explore and sub-groups can be formed to further explore these issues. 

Closing – Leong Weng Fei, Baker Hughes Inc.
Weng Fei again thanked the sponsor for the event Seadrill for the kind sponsorship of the forum. On behalf of the steering committee, Weng Fei also thanked all speakers who have delivered an excellent forum. It was also hoped that there will be more sponsors for future DROPS forums across the region. 

The steering committee will be collating load-out inspection checklists for sharing with the DROPS Asia community. These checklist can be sent to Joachim or Weng Fei. 

The Steering Committee is exploring organizing DROPS forum in Vietnam, Balikpapan and Australia. Weng Fei and Joachim will be working with the respective parties on this. 

A workgroup will be formed to further explore bringing the DROPS initiative on new builds and reactivation projects at the design phase and construction phase.