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DROPS FORUM - Stavanger, 3rd June 2010

Jim Toft, Aker Solutions; Lars Kristian Igland, Aker Solutions; Gisle Gramstad, Aker Well Services; Sveinun Forland, Aker Well Services; Oyvind Hogset, Axess; Sigve Meling, BP; Pal Morken, BP/Seawell; Knut Finseth, BP/Seawell; Arne Nesheim, CAN; Harald Myklebust, DOM; Roger Bjorkli, Firstline; Astrid Horn, GE Vetco; Alistair MacDonald, Gulf Offshore; Per Thomsen, Gulf Offshore; Petter Viken, Nord-Lock; Elizabeth Bowen, NOV; Jorgen Vikernes, Orange Group; Thomas Engen, PSO; Johnny Gundersen, PSA; Rune Aarstad, Schlumberger; Terje Bjorkevoll, Schlumberger; Martin Sim, Scotgrip; Henning Feyling, Seawell; Debbie Mecklenburgh, Shell; Mats Hauge, Shell; Stacey Murphy, Shell; Allen Smith, DROPS; Sue Calder, DROPS; Greg Reid, DROPS; Ian Goodenough, Snapon; Vetli Tveiten, Statoil; Egil Bokn, Talisman; Kjartan Taranger, Technip; Wayne Bradford, Transocean; Ketil Kristiansen, Baker Hughes; Petter Eiane, Weatherford; Margreth Sandvik, Transocean; Arild Lund, Shell; Hubert Szostak, Baker Hughes; Terje Bjorkevoll, Schlumberger; Kjetil Skrovse, Firstline; Anne Nordby, NOV; Kevin Laing, Helix ESG; Jon Thomson, Helix ESG; Christoffer Strom, Transocean; Johnny Skjaeveland, Seawell; Knut Veloy, Ocean Rig; Hermann Doskeland, Ocean Rig; Rune Fauskanger, Det Norske.

Greg Reid of Silverdot opened the Forum and gave a Safety Brief. Introductions were made.

DROPS Update – Greg Reid, DROPS
• A further 27 campaign packs subscribed in 2010. With growth in pack contents, we have adopted new style metal cases for all further packs. Reminder that Packs are available in English AND Norwegian.

• Pleased to welcome the following new DROPS members: Swift BV (Netherlands), OCS Houston (USA), OES Oilfield Services (UK), AID Inspection (UK) and TOP ROPE (SA). Newsletter:
• Total subscription now 1000.
• Last Newsletter very well received with great feedback on the Cargo Handling Guidance.
• Presently drafting next issue. Do you have any articles or topics you wish to address in this issue? Do you wish to sponsor this issue or a future newsletter? (Sponsorship is £2950 incl print.) 

DROPS Forums:
• 2010 Forums will be held as follows: - Wednesday August 4 at Marcliffe Hotel, Aberdeen; - Tuesday September 28th at Park Plaza Victoria Hotel, Amsterdam (day before the IADC European HSE Conference) - Thursday December 2 at Marcliffe Hotel, Aberdeen.

DROPS Training:
• Seven DROPS Training sessions have been held in Aberdeen this year. Significant interest and participation from the Marine Sector in recent training sessions. Several company-specific training courses also undertaken across Europe.

• Several serious safety alerts released to global DROPS circulation list:
• A number of Safety Alerts will be featured in today’s forum – full details posted to web thereafter.
• As ever, please send us details of any relevant safety alerts or flashes. Send to DROPS Administration

DROPS International:
• DROPS USA and DROPS Asia established. Debbie is serving as a communications link between all.
• In discussions with Mark van de Velden (PDO Oman and former DROPS figurehead) regarding possible DROPS Middle East Forum in November.

DROPS Products:
• The second Rogues Gallery (at CHC Heli Terminal, Aberdeen) will be installed on 10th June. Please continue to donate exhibits as other potential sites have been requested.
• DORIS, our project to develop a dropped objects statistical database, continues to progress well. (Presentation later) Products and Suppliers:
• We are pleased to welcome Scotgrip (Martin Sim) and Pipeline Service Operations (Thomas Engen) to today’s forum. They will have tabletop demonstrations during the breaks and we encourage you to view their products and services. 

DROPS Global Chapters – Debbie Mecklenburgh, DROPS
Asia Pacific has had 3 Steering Committee meetings to date and hold regular teleconferences due to the different locations of the members. The SC currently consists of 7 member companies. Their first forum meeting was held on 17 March and the minutes will be available to download shortly. Asia is currently setting their focus issues for 2010; primary objective to engage more operator participation. The recurring theme through Asia is the requirement for a common inspection guideline.

North America has had 3 Steering Committee meetings to date and they have 9 member companies in attendance. Current objectives for North America include expanding membership base; focus on 3rd party equipment handling; Incident review process for sharing information. A DROPS Forum will be held in the Middle East area in November 2010. This will be advertised on our website when location and date is confirmed.

Please can your encourage your colleagues in these regions to attend events that will be happening during 2010. 

DROPS Share Lessons and Best Practice – Greg Reid, DROPS
DROPS Winter Campaign
Our call for input met a poor first response. If you do have any material or input, please get in touch as we plan to issue campaign material around September. (We will then focus on a Summer Campaign for 2011 (Shutdowns, heightened activity etc) 

Subsea Dropped Objects
Greg showed a few examples of subsea dropped objects recorded by the UK’s HSE We await final approvals before we publish a useful Subsea Dropped Object Matrix, highlighting typical equipment and the potential consequences of these items falling subsea in terms of drop cone angle, drop radius and impact energy… 

DROPS Restricted Access Areas (Red Zones)
First draft of best practice and guidelines has been circulated and reviewed. Final draft now with USA / Asia for review and should be formally issued in July. 

DROPS Pre-Task Checks – Best Practice and Guidelines
First draft of best practice and guidelines has been circulated for review. Final draft to be issued July and formal issue August 

Tools at Height Standards
Focus Group established and now setting scope and objectives in terms of final deliverable. We are delighted that this group now has representation from the British Constructional Steelwork Association and The British Standards Institute. 

Common Standard for DROPS Inspection and Survey
Final draft now complete and ready for issue July 2010. Special thanks given to Statoil for providing additional Picture Book guidance for appendices.

Industry Update – Johnny Gundersen, PSA
We had a presentation from the PSA that details Dropped Objects reported to the PSI in Norwegian sector. This included statistics of number of objects, relation to Energy class etc. 73% of incidents were fortunate to occur in areas where there were no personnel. Highest numbers of incidents are happening in areas that do not involve Drilling, Cranes and Process. 
Follow this link to download the presentation. 

OLF Workshop – Rune Fauskanger, OLF
Rune introduced the OLF Workgroup and the work plan. This group issued a questionnaire to the entire industry in Norway and asked for recommendations on what they would like the OLF to achieve. They are trying to categorize the dropped objects root causes into MTO – Man, Technology, and Organisation. Some slides included statistics. The findings of the questionnaire will be part of a workshop in September and further meeting in October. OLF will present an update to DROPS later in 2010. 
Follow this link to download the presentation.
Further details are available on the OLF website.

Marine Safety Forum update – Alistair MacDonald, Gulf Offshore
Alistair showed us a few slides of recent incidents. These included items left in forklift pockets; a wooden spar that dropped 20 metres; crane light fell off etc. We were also shown some Marine Safety Flash alerts. A couple of slides were shown a recent incident of what landed on a ship from a rig. 
Follow this link to download the presentation.
More details on 

DORIS – Allen Smith, DROPS
Allen gave an overview of the purpose of DORIS. It’s an online tool that registers incidents and statistics of dropped objects. This will give us a statistical overview of incidents. The work group have been using the database for the past few months and we saw some graphs that identified the different factors around the dropped object incidents. The database will be “live” soon and all operator focal points will be able to input their incidents for 2010 to date. Every Forum we will show a slide overview of the incidents. Members will be able to go online and get a drill down overview but the data will be anonymous.

The current work group will split into two. One group will focus on the management of DORIS and the way forward. The 2nd group will work on formulating and developing Best Practices around repetitive incidents.

 Dropped Object Awareness Training Package – Wayne Bradford, Transocean
Transocean have put in place a global training awareness package and are sharing it with the DROPS members. This package is put together with the intention that it captures their whole workforce. We were shown the actual presentation that is used. This training package and facilitators notes can be downloaded by clicking here. (ENGLISH and NORWEGIAN) 

Norske Shell Dropped Object Project – Mats Hauge, Norske Shell
We were given a presentation on the current project that is being run out in Norske Shell to eliminate dropped objects. Norske Shell is part of the OLF Workgroup and has integrated this into their process as well as the Shell Global Standard guidelines. This is an ongoing project. 
Follow this link to download the presentation. 

CMO Picture Books – Roger Bjorkli, Firstline
Firstline have developed a PDA electronic inspection system. This system was developed to eliminate a manual process i.e. paper etc. Firstline believe that their solution improves operational performance by simplifying compliance data collection, management and reporting. A live demonstration of an inspection and how the PDA worked was shown. 
Follow this link to download the presentation.
Further details please contact Firstline directly via email or visit the Firstline Website. 

Open Floor and Any Other Business
Table Top Demos – Martin Sim, Scotgrip; Thomas Engen, Pipeline Service Operations. Question asked about potential events in South America – informed that we would be including them in the US Chapter events.