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DROPS FORUM - Stavanger, 26th May 2009

Allen Smith, Silverdot; Debbie Mecklenburgh, Shell; Sue Calder, Silverdot; Egil Bokn, Talisman; Douglas Greig, Seawell; Henning Feyling, Seawell; Hilde Steinkopf, Seawell; Darren Low, VetcoGray; Lars Kristian Igland, Aker MH; Harald Kristoffersen, Total Norge; Siebe Viersen, Shell; Victor Yeung, Shell; Knut Magne Veloy, Ocean Rig; Rune Warland, Aker Well Services; Glenn Vikra, Aker Well Services; Doug Young, Helix; Steffen Kowalsky, Schlumberger; Christoffer Strom, Transocean; Tormod Larsen, Stena Drilling; Hogne Hakestad, AWS; Kristin Husebye, AWS; Bjorn Andersen, AWS; Gisle Grumstad, AWS; Harald Myklebust, DOM; Klaus Myklebust, DOM; Johan Kolsto, DOM; Erik Wiig, SFS; Erik Midtgaard, BG Norge; Sigve Meling, BP; Steve Robb, DSL; Omar Innerdal, NOV; Martin Myhre, NOV; Ketil Kristiansen, Baker Hughes; Geir Olsen, CAN A/S; Vetli Tveiten, StatoilHydro; Irva Ollestad, Maersk Drilling; Bjorn Gjelten, AAK A/S; Rolf Toblassen, AAK A/S; Troels Rasmussen, Maersk Drilling; Lars Hetland, AAK A/S; Stein-Ivar Gravdal, AAK A/S; Stacey Murphy, Shell; Mas-Lis Larsen, Axess AS; Jan Stenlos, Axess AS; John Kyle, Dolphin Drilling; Terry Smith, Dolphin Drilling; Stefon Asgrimsson, Shell; Tom Spjeld, Odfjell Drilling 

Allen Smith of Silverdot opened the Forum. A safety brief was given followed by around the room introductions.

DROPS Update – Allen Smith, Silverdot 
• Delighted to welcome the following new DROPS members: Rowan Drilling, Wood Group, BJ Services, PetroCanada, Aker Well Services, CLS, AAK and Atlas. 

• 25 new subscribers since last forum – total subscription now over 900.
• As always, we are seeking member companies to assist with sponsorship. 
Please email DROPS Administration with all Newsletter enquiries. 

• We are pleased to welcome Total onto the DROPS Steering Committee. DROPS Forums
• 2009 Forms will be held as follows: Thursday 2 July in Aberdeen; Tuesday 6 October in either Denmark or Holland; and Wednesday 2 December in Aberdeen 
• For the remaining Aberdeen forums, the venue is changing from Norwood Hall to the Marcliffe Hotel

• Many DROPS Train-The-Trainer sessions have been held in Aberdeen during 2009. Sessions have also been held in Holland and Norway. Training dates are posted on website

• A number of Safety Alerts will be featured in today’s forum – full details posted to web thereafter
• As ever, please send us details of any relevant safety alerts or flashes. Send to

• The annual campaign pack updates were issued to all members and subscribers. In a bumper issue, we included the “Working at Height” DVD featured at last forum (thanks to SGB) and the new UK Oil and Gas Cargo Handling Guidelines (thanks to Derek Birse). We also included all DROPS presentations, alerts and products developed in 2008
• We are rationalising the campaign pack contents as a focus issue for 2009
• We continue to work with Shell on the electronic version of the DROPS calculator
• Our DROPS prompt cards were issued to all members/subscribers. Featured at last forum, they are intended to serve all workers as a pre-job reminder to consider potential dropped objects. Norwegian version being sorted
• Our “Snakes and Ladders” workshop/campaign is well into production and all Norwegian translation has been completed (thanks to all who assisted)
• Two new items have been recommended as Key Focus Issues for 2009. These are Guidelines for Secondary Retention Wire and the development of a standard and simple method of members communicating DROPS statistics to the Group. Both will be discussed later in the Forum
• We have the necessary sponsorship, agreements and facilities in place to implement our Heliport Rogues Gallery in UK. Is this something Norway would be interested in?

DROPS Work In Progress 2009 – Allen Smith, DROPS
Allen presented the current DROPS Forum Work in Progress topics. These included statistics register, workpack update, seasonal poster campaigns and training etc. We also saw example photos of real scenes where potential Dropped Objects were recovered before a fatality could occur. 
Follow this link to download the presentation. 

Together for Safety – Erik Wiig, PSK 
Erik gave an overview of SFS. They represent employers, employees and PSA. They were formed after a couple of government white papers. He told us about the safety movies. These movies are made so that there is no identification of persons or site and it’s an interactive movie that highlights important lessons learned. The movies are all available to download at the SFS Website. 

Johan Kolsto gave an overview of the movies that are free and available for anyone. 
For more information, please email Eric Wiig or SFS Enquiries

Demo – New CCTV product – Lars Igland (Aker MH)
Aker gave us a presentation on the new Drilling CCTV product that is currently in use. The main purpose of this product is to improve safety ie the CCTV can be installed in potentially dangerous areas where visibility is required, this removing the need for personnel to be there. And should an incident occur, the CCTV records all the data providing invaluable learnings and information. This product is available to be used either offshore or onshore. It uses any existing Ethernet network and is easy to distribute files. Futher detailed information on this product, please contact Sigved Berdal
Follow this link to download the presentation. 

Oilfield Trash – Allen Smith, DROPS 
Allen’s overview started with examples of retail consumer product developments that had not considered the impact on the supply chain. Thanks for the Twix’s! He then made comparisons to the Supply Chain lifecycle of a potential dropped object item. Again, the photo’s are of real items that have been uncovered during these stages from a variety of companies and locations. 
Follow this link to download the presentation. 

WoS Incident – Dougie Greig, Seawell
Dougie presented an incident that involved a DDM collision with stand of drill pipe. The stand collided with a link-tilt protection bar on the DDM, shearing the bar mounting bolts. The bar 4.25kg item fell 94ft. Fortunately nobody was injured as all crew were positioned outside the red zone (drill floor no-go area). The derrick man had pulled what he believed to be the stand lift lever, but inadvertently pulled the grip open lever, resulting in the top of the stand-swinging lever. The Ergonomic layouts of controls were considered to be a major contributor to the incident. The compliance to Red Zone procedure ensured that there was no fatality during this incident. Corrective actions included sharing the Red Zone fleet wide; carry out modifications to the twin control lever etc.
Follow this link to download the presentation. 

Incident – Shared Learnings – Vetli Tveiten, Statoil Hydro
The Safe Rig project was set up during the integration of Statoil and Hydro. This project is now 2 full time employees working on these common best practices. They have established two frame agreements with companies that provide Falling Object inspections, training in observation techniques and FO surveys. We were shown a couple of safety alerts. First was during annual maintenance of a DDM. A filler bushing (5kg) fell 12.39 metres to the drill floor (DROPS Calculator output = Fatality/ Energy 613 joules). Nobody was injury but there was an individual just 2 metres away. It was discovered that 2 sets of procedures were available. 
2ND Alert – a flood light fell from crane boom. Two sailors were on deck when the incident occurred. A sailor was only a few metres away when the floodlight hit the deck. The light was approx 30kg and it fell approx 30-40m (DROPS Calculator = Fatality / Energy 10290 joules). On investigation, several factors came to light - Fatigue fracture in the pivot/attachment bolt; missing or incorrect installation of secondary retention; no fatigue limit/life calculation during design. Recommendation actions included maintenance procedures to include change of bolt. 
3rd Alert – A lighting fixture weighing 13 kg light had fallen down from the gangway below the helideck, down along the living quarters and hit a stairway railing and HVAC duct. It fell around 50 metres (DROPS Calculator = Fatality / 6370 joules). Investigation causes include strong winds, fatigue in corroded welds. 
4th Alert – Heat shield element on the derrick became loose. This heat shield consisted of a frame with outer and inner steel mesh shield. 
We also saw a photo of a protector pin that had split in two. When offloading the 13 3/8” casing from supply vessel, the deck crew had observed that something was wrong. Time to time there are incidents with loose protectors that fall off during handling to and from vessels. These loose steel parts with 1.5kg and can fall from up to 25m (DROPS Calculator = Fatality / 368 joules). The main reason seems to be handling of the casing that causes the protectors to knock loose, break of fall off.
Follow this link to download the presentation. 

Norway – We Have a Problem – Harald Myklebust, DOM Group 
Harald introduced his company and informed the forum of what they are doing – Inspections, Best Practice – experience, Inspection and Observation, attending conferences etc. We saw examples of an actual Inspection report on a brand new rig and Harald gave further explanations around this.
Follow this link to download the presentation. 

Gyro Safety Hook, Orjan Bo, Securalift AS 
Orjan gave a brief overview of Securalift’s objectives, including a DVD about loading and unloading boats and the hazards around this, particularly where personnel are exposed. The safety hook device presented enables the operator to release the load remotely. The gyro system, currently under development for the offshore industry enables crane operators to manipulate and position loads without assistance from other personnel.
Follow this link to download the presentation. 

Rig Floor Winch Safety – Stacey Murphy, Shell 
Stacey spoke around fatalities and serious high potential incidents are were all around hoisting and lifting. His brief presentation covered some Must Checks target areas. These included Communication; Colour Coding; Certified Parking Posts; Counterbalance Weight; 4 part shackles. Stacey opened it up to the floor and nobody had any suggestions, comments or additions to this.
Follow this link to download the presentation. 

Ormen Lange Crane Collision DVD – Stefan Asgrimsson, Shell 
DVD showed an enactment an earlier incident and its subsequent learning’s.