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DROPS Forum - Stavanger, Thursday 5th October 2017

DROPS Norway Forum Minutes – Statoil HQ, Stavanger

Welcome from Stein Møller-Nilsen of Statoil was followed by round the room introductions.

Statoil DROPS Perspective - Bjorn Oystein Holst, Statoil

Bjorn opened the meeting and stressed how pleasing it was that there was a wide range of attendees representing the oil and gas supply chain. Within Statoil, around 25% of all incidents are about dropped objects and these continue to happen… but we can turn the trend. Statoil have an initiative that focuses on leadership on site. A short video clip was shown which described an incident in a home showing that dropped objects can occur any time, any place. Statoil do investigate all incidents to ensure that the correct learnings are achieved and shared. Looking at incidents over the years, the same incident findings are found over and over however they are having fewer serious consequences. Therefore, a continued focus on prevented Dropped objects should be a high focus. Statoil supports the standardisation of Dropped objects prevention in the industry for the common good. Lasting message was the need to remain vigilant and open to new insight and new methods. Bjorn’s presentation (no video content) can be downloaded here.

DROPS Update – Greg Reid

Greg provided a brief overview of recent changes and updates from DROPS, including upcoming Forums in Houston (9th November) and Aberdeen (7th December). He described how Middle East region now has small localised chapters in various countries and they are all working autonomously; Asian region looking at having virtual events in the future. DROPS training will be delivered to coincide with the various global forums and there is always training available in Europe – all dates on our website and updated regularly.
Greg explained what the DROPS focus groups have been working on. The updated DROPS Reliable Securing document (Rev 4) is in final draft stage (draft has been shared with SfS). There will be free downloadable version ready in December and printed copies available to purchase. The suite of DROPS Best Practice documents will now be reviewed in light of changes to Reliable Securing.
A Winter DROPS Campaign is being finalised. The early campaign “teaser” posters were shown and are available to download here. DROPS seek assistance with translations to create alternative language variants.
Another Focus Group is looking to broader industry engagement with DROPS and significant progress has been made sharing and collaborating with new contacts in the Oil and Gas Sector and beyond in the Construction and Renewables sectors.

Never Let Go Tool Tethering - Craig Aris, NLG

Craig opened by describing an actual incident where a tool dropped, striking and injuring an individual. It was later discovered that lanyards had been available and could have prevented this but they were not used. Craig used this to highlight the necessity of effective training to accompany robust tool tethering. NLG can offer this combined package of tethering and training as a system bespoke to requirements, and with a host of supporting awareness and guidance tools, including videos, handbooks, posters, etc. Craig’s presentation is available to view or download here. NLG’s excellent awareness video “Killer on the Loose” can be viewed at For queries or further information, contact or visit

GravityLink – Robert Kolsing and Alf Kristian Fjelldal, Gravity 8

Gravity8 presented “GravityLink” – their new dynamic link safety securing product designed to prevent dropped objects. The design of the link means it is possible to secure objects heavier than 50kg where the necessary size of wire sling and/or the vast load capacity of suitable anchor points would typically preclude effective safety securing. The design absorbs up to 90% of the dynamic force generated in the object’s fall. Example products were shown including a link that can secure an item up to 300kg as well as a small mini version for hand tools. Drop testing and calibration has taken place in their own lab, where an electronic load cell sends signals to a computer to enable analysis in detail of the dropped object. Some case examples were shown and typical applications include floodlights, cameras, antennas, derrick equipment and moving tools etc. Different installation methods were also shown. The GravityLink is patent pending, engineered and produced in Norway. Test videos were shown - one with a 40kg item and a second 300kg item. The presentation (no video content) can be downloaded here. For queries or further information, email or visit

Five Minute Lesson Share – Greg Reid, DROPS

Greg showed the short presentation “One Incident Many Lessons” which demonstrated what happened when a slate fell from a building in Aberdeen. The presentation is available to download here.

DROPS Recommended Best Practice – Greg Reid, DROPS

Greg provided an overview of the DROPS Recommended Practice document, recently developed by our North American chapter and published by DROPS last month. He noted that the document delivers clear and consistent guidance, definition and terminology. The guidance has generic application, beyond Wells and Drilling, to all disciplines and indeed all sectors and industries. The guidance makes reference to the broader suite of DROPS Best Practice which is now under review and update. The DROPS Recommended Practice can be viewed or downloaded here.

DROPS – A Dropped Object Awareness DVD – Kevin Pope, KCAD

Kevin presented a DVD created by KCAD in collaboration with Diamond Offshore, Rowan Drilling, Stena Drilling and the production company Concept Productions. Kevin noted this was a cost effective way to share a number of ideas and concepts. The DVD features several actual dropped object scenarios that have occurred in the last 12 months – one incident featured from each of the contributing companies. A powerful message is delivered making it an ideal tool for safety meetings, general awareness campaigns etc. The DVD is also available Russian and Arabic Translations.
The DVD has kindly been made available to DROPS members for their internal use, on the understanding that the product is not distributed or exchanged for commercial gain. A download access link was sent to each DROPS Member Focal Point and copies of the DVD will also be included in the next DROPS Campaign Pack update.

Tubelock System Video – Global Gravity

A video and an animation was shown of the TubeLock Tubular Handling System. The system is rig ready and can be installed safety with minimal effort to effectively improve the optimisation and efficiency of tubular handling. Suitable for tubulars of all sizes and lengths, the system saves time and rig space and reduces the frequency of handling and exposure to associated risks. Pup joints, as well as shoe, float and hanger, can be transported and it can be used together the pipe handler crane. Kim Christensen will respond to queries or provide additional details at The presentation is available to view or download here. For a limited period, the video can be viewed at and assembly animation at Further information is also available at

Safety Securing – Łukasz Szadkowski, NOV

Łukasz gave a two-part presentation, initially focusing on securing of sheaves and snatch blocks. He concluded that safety securing was only practicable during installation or transition. The potential forces associated with a dropped snatch block and its load could be catastrophic and no safety securing control could mitigate this. Greg commented that the draft of Rev 4 of Reliable Securing reflects this as well.
Łukasz then considered practical safety securing measures for larger items of equipment and touched on the dynamic link solution (as presented earlier by Gravity8) showing a video and photos of fall testing. Łukasz’s presentation (no video content) can be downloaded here.

Sharing Ideas – Greg Reid DROPS

Greg presented details of an initiative shared very recently by Statoil in Brazil. They have created a ‘DROPS Museum’ and a number of pictures were shown. This is effectively, a glass case of exhibits of dropped objects gathered from operations in their field base in Brazil. The initiative has greatly increased awareness and motivated the team to perform the hazard hunter role. Greg reminded all that a similar DROPS Rogues Gallery is available to all members as a digital presentation in their DROPS member pack.

Forum Close

Stein Møller-Nilsen from Statoil closed the meeting and thanked everyone for their attendance and for sharing their learnings and new technology.
Greg thanked Statoil for their support and hospitality in hosting the event and assured all that the Forum would return to Norway again in 2018.