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Alf Fjelldal Gravity8

After a successful presentation at the DROPS Stavanger forum, Gravity8 were invited to once again present “GravityLink” – their new dynamic link safety securing product designed to prevent dropped objects. The design of the link means it is possible to secure objects heavier than 50kg where the necessary size of wire sling and/or the vast load capacity of suitable anchor points would typically preclude effective safety securing. The design absorbs up to 90% of the dynamic force generated in the object’s fall. Example products were shown including a link that can secure an item up to 300kg as well as a small mini version for hand tools. Drop testing and calibration has taken place in their own lab, where an electronic load cell sends signals to a computer to enable analysis in detail of the dropped object. Some case examples were shown and typical applications include floodlights, cameras, antennas, derrick equipment and moving tools etc. Different installation methods were also shown. The GravityLink is patent pending, engineered and produced in Norway. Test videos were shown - one with a 40kg item and a second 300kg item. Annual inspection is currently recommended but the product requires much more extended operational exposure before a change-out frequency could be recommended. The presentation can be downloaded here. For queries or further information, email or visit

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18 Dec 2017