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Stanley Spiralock


Mervyn Element Stanley Engineering Fastening

Stanley Engineered Fastening’s Spiralock product, which is a bolted connection for use where vibration is or could be an issue. An overview describing the cost implications associated with replacing and repairing various fastening systems and highlighted that risk to personnel is far greater than any financial cost. The fundamentals of a threaded assembly are demonstrated. The Spiralock technology is a self-locking female thread form with a 30˚ wedge ramp at the root of the thread. The wedge ramp allows the bolt to spin freely until clamp load is applied. At that point the crests of the standard male thread is drawn tightly against the wedge ramp, which creates a continuous spiral line of contact along the entire length of the thread engagement. Typical results comparing Spiralock with standard nuts using the Junker clamp tension type test were shown. Examples of Spiralock fastener selections were shown and included hex flange nuts and self-clinching nuts.

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