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Preventing Dropped Objects from Forklift Pockets


Julian Poyner Hoover Ferguson

An introduction to Hoover Ferguson and overview of a novel concept currently being developed to prevent potential dropped objects falling from forklift pockets on containers. A protective cover or flap is installed at the aperture of each forklift pocket. The cover has a castellated hinge allowing it to fall and accept the forklift fork (or tang) and return to the closed position when the fork withdraws. The flap/protector is of synthetic, high visibility materials which aid the forklift operator in low light. The product can be retrospectively fitted to existing containers or engineered into the design of new containers.  Replacement flaps / protectors can be field installed with relative ease. To date, design and testing has been undertaken for standard sized pockets and containers and results have been positive. A sample product was displayed and passed around the attendees for review and feedback at the Forum. The product was still very much in the design phase, questions and comment were fed back for the design team. A good exchange ensued among the delegates touching on potential pitfalls, costs, benefits, materials, maintenance etc.

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7 Mar 2017