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2015 and 'NO DROPS' Campaign Survey Results


Paul Anderson Seadrill

An honest and open summary of Seadrill’s journey and the ‘No DROPS’ campaign initiated in Q4 of 2015. In this process, full accountability for dropped object prevention is embedded in the company culture and all personnel reminded on a daily basis in directives from board level.

An anonymous survey was carried to recognise the Campaign DROPS initiatives. A detailed list of the initiatives is available within the presentation. Internal inspections came out as the most beneficial activity from the campaign. Improvements were asked for and a request for Training came out highest. There was already an e-learning and training process undertaken but a different level of training was required whereby small groups were taken out by a trainer and potential incidents and hazards were identified.

The way forward for Seadrill is their DROPS strategy booklet. It‘s designed as a one-stop-shop for the OIM on a rig so that every process and procedure is incorporated. 

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21 Mar 2016