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A DROPS Implementation Story


Vince Fortier TESCO

TESCO are committed to preventing dropped objects through engineering solutions and development of products that reduce or eliminate exposure to personnel. A TESCO Process Improvement Team was put in place in 2013 and they looked at all the incidents that have occurred and came up with an in-house program and standard, they developed and implemented a recognised DROPS program aligned to the TESCO QHSE standards that can be used as a tool for all business units.

TESCO adopted the DROPS Train-the-trainer programme and highlighted the benefits of competency and awareness when it comes to recognising potential dropped objects.

Awareness and Inspection Posters for Top Drive and CDS were developed and these highlighted the DROPS risks. TESCO would like to share the content of their Dropped Object Prevention Program Booklet, please download here.

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21 Mar 2016