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Alternative securing devices for 4-Part Shackles


Greg Reid DROPS

At the request of a member company, Greg raised the issue of alternative securing devices for 4-part shackles. A show of hands in the room indicates that this is not a unique problem. The Member fully supports use of split pins for shackles on permanent / dedicated fixture points, rigging assemblies, items at height, etc but they are finding their use cumbersome on frequent use ‘pick and place lifts’, more so with the introduction of High Impact Gloves. The options of having to remove gloves to install the split pins or fitting a more user friendly securing pin during a ‘pick and place lift’, are both presently considered unacceptable

Attendees volunteered the following feedback / information:

  • Consider using using lockable hoops?  Attendee’s company use them in an artic environment as they were experiencing the issue with the thermal gloves

  • Thin Lizzy gloves are being trialled by another member just now with positive results to date.

  • Always check with manufacturer for best practice.

  • Are we focused on the right area – should we be using the gloves whilst undertaking this kind of task?

  • Another member uses gloves onshore that has thumb and forefinger tips missing to allow for greater dexterity.

Greg’s presentation, including details of devices being trialled by Member Company.

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7 Dec 2015