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Refreshing DROPS Best Practice and Tales from the Field


Allen Smith DROPS

Allen shares observations from his activities in the field and around the world. Reminding us of the common DROPS objectives and considering the potential consequences we face when a dropped object occurs. He looked at the opportunities we have to prevent dropped objects, particularly around Hazard Identification and Risk Management. He reviewed standard Hierarchy of Controls and touched on the many controls (preventive and mitigating) at our disposal. Allen considered DROPS best practice, and highlighted the work currently being undertaken by DROPS USA in developing a broad-reaching Best Class guidance for Drilling & Well Intervention. He described how this and future efforts would help in the update of our DROPS Best Practice guidance documents, including several aspects of DROPS Zone Management, Pre-task Risk Assessments and use of the DROPS Calculator. Allen concluded with a focus on the benefits of active Engagement and Leadership in DROPS by all. 

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13 Mar 2017