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Incident Share - Flat Pack Spooler


Calum Clark Expro

Expro shared a recent learning where a rented spooler unit was being lifted and crew noticed a door to an integral storage compartment was open. Further investigation revealed that an unsecured toolbox (not manifested) was inside the compartment and this could, under different circumstances, have been a significant dropped object. In studying the root causes, it was noted that the compartment is not accessed or used in the Expro operation and it would be expected to be empty. Doors were checked dockside before loading to supply vessel and were adjudged to be secure with antiluce drop catches. Expro assumed Vendor had undertaken all necessary inspections and checks. Expro recognise they need to understand and inspect rented kit and failed to perform a more thorough inspection. Secondary retention or safety securing is not a documented requirement for Antiluce drop catches in Expro, in the UKOG Best Practice or in other industry guidance. Prior to incident, Expro had been looking a secondary retention options but most were found unsuitable. The best solution was found to be a cable tie but this had not been established as a documented requirement. Following the incident, Expro now have a documented requirement that secondary retention must be in place on all units with antiluce drop catches for both outward and inbound transportation. Their recommended tie-wrap size is between 4.7mm and 13.2mm. Calum invited the Forum to consider how the drop lock may have come undone during transportation and if all antiluce drop catches should have secondary retention. He asks the broader DROPS Community if there is a better solution than the cable tie and invites responses to

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18 Dec 2017