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DROPS Forum - Aberdeen, 19 September 2017

DROPS UK Forum Minutes
Marcliffe Hotel, Aberdeen

The meeting was opened by Greg and a safety brief was delivered. Round the room introductions followed.

WASP Kit – Gary Anderson, Montrose Rope & Sail

Gary provided an overview of WASP (Work Area Safety Pack). it comprises of several items and all are designed for working at height. The pack includes a lightweight DROPS mat, lifting bag, rope, webbing barriers, warning signs and wallets. The DROPS mat is designed for working at height on grating, with padded central section and various Velcro tabs and flaps for securing (also serves as a windbreak and rolls up neatly for carriage). Gary’s presentation is available to view or download here. For enquiries or further details, email or visit

TubeLock System Video – Kim Christensen, Global Gravity

Kim presented a video and an animation of the TubeLock Tubular Handling System. The system is rig ready and can be installed safely with minimal effort to effectively improve the optimisation and efficiency of tubular handling. Suitable for tubulars of all sizes and lengths, the system saves time and rig space and reduces the frequency of handling and exposure to associated risks. Pup joints, as well as shoe, float and hanger, can be transported and it can be used together with the pipe handler crane. Kim took a number of questions from the audience and will respond to further queries or provide additional details at Kim’s presentation is available to view or download here. For a limited period, the video can be viewed at and assembly animation at Further information is also available at

Subsea Dropped Objects Software – David Jamieson, Salus Technical

David provided an overview of the Subsea Dropped Object Software that Salus has recently developed. The system is a simple to use, step-by-step process providing documented risk assessment for dropped object hazards at subsea facilities and pipelines. The user creates a New Study with the capture of a subsea layout drawing (eg in pdf format). The tool simply requires the distance between two known points on the drawing to fully scale the entire layout. Design Data is entered in a stepwise manner, eg pipeline details, water depth, size of lifts etc. For any selected drop point, the system calculates the probability of impact from dropped loads and the risk of hydrocarbon release. It visually identifies the results on the layout drawing and instantly generates a risk matrix. A technical report is also instantly available. The system is validated with DNV-RP-F107, completely free and available to use now at David’s presentation is available to view or download here.

Never Let Go Tool Tethering - Craig Aris, NLG

Craig opened by describing an actual incident where a tool dropped, striking and injuring an individual. It was later discovered that lanyards had been available and could have prevented this but they were not used. Craig used this to highlight the necessity of effective training to accompany robust tool tethering. NLG can offer this combined package of tethering and training as a system bespoke to requirements, and with a host of supporting awareness and guidance tools, including videos, handbooks, posters, etc. Craig’s presentation is available to view or download here. NLG’s excellent awareness video “Killer on the Loose” can be viewed at For queries or further information, contact or visit

Incident sharing - Derek Hart IADC

Derek gave brief details of a very recent dropped object - a component of a wireline lubricator. The item measuring 18 inches (45cm) and weighing 7 lbs (3kg), was struck and knocked off when the rig heaved, falling 30 feet (10m) to the drill floor. Early considerations focus on poor design as a potential cause and an immediate corrective action has been taken to reduce the protrusion or “stick-out” of the item by employing an elbow arrangement in the make-up. Full details of the incident are not presently available but IADC will share all in due course.

DROPS Update – Greg Reid

Since last Forum, we are delighted to welcome the following new DROPS members:
MHI Vestas Offshore Wind - UK
Ingress Partners – Saudi Arabia
3sun Group - UK
Sources Technology Co – Saudi Arabia
Mirdif Security – UAE
Neft Energies – Saudi Arabia
Shenzhen Fairness Engineering Service - China
Grupo Simples Oil Lda – Angola

The following former members have not renewed their membership:
Sure NDT - Singapore
IRM Services – Brazil
Salunda – UK
Techno Marine – Romania
Frigstad Offshore Drilling - Cyprus

There are a significant number of members with outstanding annual subscription fees (payment was due on August 1st). Please let us know if you do not wish to renew your membership – otherwise we kindly request payment of your overdue fees asap. Several non-member companies attended forum learn more about DROPS.

Reminder to all members to keep us updated with any changes to your designated DROPS Focal Point. Please notify changes to

DROPS North America

Quarterly meetings (Forum style) continue and a major Regional Event is being planned for Q4.
Workgroup has developed and we have issued common standard reference document for DROPS linking to DROPS guidance and best practice.
Commitment from Chapter to assist DROPS Global with review of best practices, including Red Zones.

DROPS Saudi Chapter

DROPS Saudi Arabia regular meetings commenced and Workgroup will assist in translation of DROPS material (Arabic, Hindi and others).

DROPS Oman Chapter

DROPS Oman Chapter officially established and first meeting took place last week. Operators collaborating with OPAL.

DROPS Asia Chapter
DROPS Asia Forum being considered for Q1 but Webex and similar online conferencing tools are also being explored.
A programme of training / train-the-trainer is also being considered for the Asia Region and dates / venues will be posted on the website in due course.

DROPS Norway
Norwegian Forum will be held on October 5th in Stavanger.
Thanks to Statoil for hosting this event.
Last call for attendance requests and presentation requests is Thursday September 21st.

2017 DROPS Forums

The last UK DROPS Forum of 2017 will be held in Aberdeen on Thursday, December 7th. This will again be held at the Marcliffe Hotel, Aberdeen. Extended programme to include Christmas Lunch. Strict RSVP protocol will be enforced for this Forum.

DROPS Training

Since last forum, several very well attended UK DROPS Train-the-Trainer sessions have been held at Silverdot’s offices and further UK dates are scheduled and posted on website, including next session on October 17th.
Training has recently been held in Middle East, Norway and Trinidad.
Further training is imminent in Middle East and training will be arranged in USA to coincide with the North America DROPS Forum (November).
See Training section at or contact for further information.

DROPS Networking and Collaboration

DROPS Focus Group on Broadening Awareness has kicked off, first meeting held and action plan started.
DROPS supported Shell’s Dropped Objects Awareness Conference in Netherlands.
DROPS invited by IRATA and presented at London Working at Height Conference. Associate DROPS membership has been formally offered to IRATA.
DROPS invited by MSF and presented at Marine Safety Forum’s All Members Meeting.
DROPS participating in ongoing review of “Dropped Objects” section of OGUK Best Practice for the Safe Packing and Handling of Cargo to & from Offshore Installations.
DROPS invited by IADC and will sit on distinguished panel focused on preventing dropped objects at their annual HSE&T Europe Conference in Amsterdam on September 27th / 28th.
Ongoing dialogue with G+ (Global Offshore Wind Health and Safety Organisation). Associate DROPS membership to be offered. Delighted to welcome G+ Representative at today’s forum
DROPS invited by G+ and participated in Energy Institute Workshop on Dropped Object Prevention.
Continuing collaboration with Wind sector, Tom Baxter of Siemens shared “Health Check” template used at their Onshore and Offshore sites as a compliance snapshot for management/leadership. This can be viewed or downloaded here.
DROPS invited by Arqiva to participate in Broadcast and Telecoms Sector Contractors Safety Workshop.

DROPS Marketing

DROPS marketing materials available to all with Banners, Presentations, Posters, Snakes n Ladders, Literature, including latest DROPS Resource Guides, available to support your event. All requests to

DROPS Quick Hits

As part of our “Quick Hits” we have developed a new 2017 set of DROPS Awareness posters. These are available to download here.

Presenters and Presentations

Greg thanked today’s Presenters.
To nominate or request a presentation or table-top demonstration for consideration at a future DROPS event, or if you have an alert or lesson learned to share, please contact

DROPS Recommended Best Practice – Allen Smith, DROPS

Allen provided an overview of the DROPS Recommended Practice document, recently developed by our North American chapter and published by DROPS last month. Allen noted that the document delivers clear and consistent guidance, definition and terminology. The guidance has generic application, beyond Wells and Drilling, to all disciplines and indeed all sectors and industries. The guidance makes reference to the broader suite of DROPS Best Practice which is now under review and update. The DROPS Recommended Practice can be viewed or downloaded here.
Our Reliable Securing document is first among the Best Practice guidance to be updated. Allen showed some of the areas of significant change and advised that the Review Team will address final drafting over the next few weeks, with approvals for the production and issue of Revision 4 thereafter.

Focus Groups Updates – Greg Reid, DROPS

Winter DROPS Campaign

The Focus Group is developing a Winter Awareness Campaign Pack, comprising some teaser posters for early awareness, followed by a further poster set, tool box talk / prompt cards and a slide presentation. Greg showed the teaser posters and these, along with a campaign masthead/banner graphic, can now be downloaded here.
The full Winter Campaign Pack is now being finalised by the Focus Group and will be available to download by November.

Broader Engagement of DROPS

Focus Group clarified their objectives to share knowledge through broader DROPS engagement in order to identify processes, technologies and initiatives to improve dropped object prevention.
Greg showed that Group has already made significant new contacts, including Renewables Sector where we are witnessing some excellent information sharing, industry collaboration etc.

The Focus Group is progressing through a broad list of potential contacts and has asked the broader DROPS community if they have any specific named contacts in the following industries/sectors/bodies that may be a good first point of contact/introduction (please email details to

Forth Road Bridge (Queensferry Crossing) Project
Road Hauliers Association
Automated Plant/Processes
Decom North Sea
Design Authorities
Construction Sector
Nuclear and Power Sector
Major Civil Projects
Aviation Sector

The Focus Group are also keen to explore opportunities to piggyback a presence at relevant events, exhibitions etc and welcome any suggestions for suitable events / opportunities
Social Media opportunities are being considered and the Group would benefit from a volunteer joining with broader knowledge in this area.

The Group also considers that more can be done within our own organisations to broaden engagement through the use DROPS marketing tools, internal promotions and awareness campaigns.

Info Share – Lenny West, Repsol Sinopec

Lenny shared Repsol Sinopec statistics of the dropped object incidents that have occurred in the North Sea over 12 assets to end of August. In review, he noted a rising trend and identified cladding and cable tray incidents as repeat offenders. Several specific incidents were reviewed, including an animation of a dropped ESDV Guide Plate with lessons to be learned around lifting operations. Lenny concluded that analysis shows the top 5 causes of dropped objects relate to Inadequate Securing; Inadequate Maintenance; Corrosion; Failed Fixtures and Fittings; Poor Hazard and Risk Assessment. An internal focus group was created and they now meet monthly to seek improvement. Lenny’s presentation is available to view or download here and the animation will be available to Members with the next DROPS campaign pack update.

Open Floor and Any Other Business

Greg thanked everyone for their participation and invited the attendees to offer any issues for further discussion in the open floor session.

Next meeting
Date:     Thursday 7 December 2017
Time:     0930 -1200 – Festive lunch 1230-1400
Venue:  Marcliffe Hotel, Aberdeen
Host:     DROPS Global Steering Committee Members