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DROPS Forum - Aberdeen, 27th February 2018

The meeting was opened by Greg and a safety brief was delivered. Round the room introductions followed.

DROPS Update – Greg Reid, DROPS


Since last Forum, we are delighted to welcome the following new DROPS members:
Hands Free Bolting - UK
Gamma Petroleum Services - Iraq
Gulf Crane Services – USA
Premier Oil & Gas - UK

The following former members have not renewed their membership:
Climb Offshore - Brazil
OS Inspeções – Brazil
Perenco – UK
PFL Engineering – China
Safeway Rope Access & Technology - China
Universal-ITC Ltd - Singapore

Reminder to all members to keep us updated with any changes to your designated DROPS Focal Point. Please notify changes to

Steering Committee

Delighted to welcome KCA Deutag to join Shell, BP, Transocean, Diamond and Repsol Sinopec on our Steering Committee.
We are presently in dialogue with two other Operators to bring the Committee back to optimum balance – update at next forum.

DROPS North America

DROPS Quarterly Meetings continue, with next on 6th March.
2018 Workgroups will look at DROPS Calculator and Task-specific Training.

DROPS Middle East Chapters

DROPS Saudi Arabia met earlier this month – minutes/details to follow.
DROPS Oman Chapter meeting regularly and soon to release Regional DROPS Standard. Workgroup looking to more formalised DROPS Incident sharing and access.
Initial meeting held to consider DROPS Kuwait Chapter with positive outcome and follow-up meeting soon.

DROPS Asia Chapter

DROPS Asia hosted a Webinar in December, where Allen Smith presented for DROPS Global with a focus on DROPS Recommended Practice and Reliable Securing Update.
A further DROPS Asia Webinar was held on February 27th with a focus on Dynamic Dropped Objects.
DROPS Asia looking for additional Operator support for 2018 Steering Committee.

DROPS Norway

Following success of last year’s Stavanger Forum, we are looking to hold a Norwegian Forum on Thursday October 4th. Most grateful for any member assistance with venue and invitations open for presentations, particularly with regional content.

2018 UK DROPS Forums

Following dates have been set for UK DROPS Forums in 2018 and all will be held at the Marcliffe Hotel, Aberdeen:

  • Tuesday 24th April 
  • Wednesday 19th September (amended date)
  • Thursday 6th December (followed by Christmas lunch)

DROPS Training

Since last forum, Train-the-Trainer has been held at Silverdot’s offices and further UK dates are scheduled for March 8th, April 17th and June 7th. Note that places fill quickly (March training is sold out) so please book early. See Training section of for a training synopsis and all upcoming dates.
Since last Forum, training has been held in Thailand. Further training is imminent in Kazakhstan, and being planned for Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand and North Sea.

DROPS Networking and Collaboration

DROPS Focus Group on Broadening Awareness has developed many potential contacts which we are progressing through and which will continue through 2018.
This has seen DROPS working with OGUK on Best Practice for the Safe Packing and Handling of Cargo, with Step Change on their two Joined Up Thinking videos on dropped objects and DROPS presenting at IADC events.
DROPS Presented at IRATA Regional Advisory Committee this month and will present again next month to the Broadcast and Telecoms Sector.

DROPS Marketing

DROPS marketing materials available to all with Banners, Presentations, Posters, Snakes n Ladders, Literature. To be reviewed and refreshed over Summer 2018. Suggestions for new marketing materials welcome. All requests to

DROPS Focus Groups

Thanks to all who contributed to the success of our 2017 Focus Groups, namely: Reliable Securing Update; DROPS Winter Campaign; and Broader Industry Engagement with DROPS.
Through 2018, we will be updating our suite of Best Practice Guidelines (Tools at Height, Restricted Access Areas, Pre-Task Checklists and Survey and Inspection).
Later, attendees will suggest, discuss and vote on our 2018 Focus Group topics.

Presenters, Presentations and Support

Greg thanked today’s Presenters. If you wish to nominate or request a presentation or table-top demonstration for consideration at a future DROPS event, or if you have an alert or lesson learned to share, please contact
To maintain fresh and varied Forum content, we will be issuing an invitation to a different DROPS member each forum requesting a short 15-muinute presentation on that member’s DROPS perspective / issues / learnings.

Alerts and Lessons Learned

Please continue to submit your DROPS-related alerts and lessons learned to A recent IMCA alert focused on a number of dropped object incidents, disappointingly with a recurring theme and including:

  • Potential dropped object left on top of cargo – two pieces of unsecured timber 
  • Numerous instances of potential dropped objects being found on containers and equipment being loaded from port to offshore facilities. Primary cause was poor housekeeping and failing to conduct proper inspections
  • HIPO - 19kg Spark Arrestor fell 16m from vessel’s funnel stack to deck. Installed only days before, it became loose due to exhaust pressure, vibration and poor securing
  • HIPO – Satellite Dome fell 17m from mast to deck. Corrosion was found inside (not visible from outside)
  • Another Satellite Dome item fell and landed above wheelhouse. Galvanic corrosion in bolts was a contributing factor, ie mild carbon steel bolts with stainless steel nuts.

Full details are available to view or download here.

DROPS Products

Reliable Securing booklets are now available to purchase in printed A6 format. There are special deals for higher volume requests and Members can have their booklets branded at no additional cost (subject to minimum numbers). Price List and ordering details are available here.

DROPS Campaign Pack Updates are now being dispatched to all members. As ever, the pack has a USB filled with our historic products, presentations and guidance. The latest products, gathered in 2017, can be found in the folder “New for 2018”. A copy of Reliable Securing booklet Rev 04 is also enclosed in the update. Further details are available here.

2017 Shell Review of Dropped Objects – Stacey Murphy, Shell

Stacey presented the Global Wells statistics for YTD for static and dynamic dropped objects. Overall there is an increase in dynamic dropped objects but a big improvement in static. Work is also focusing on lifting and hoisting where there is a big increase in incidents. Lift plans should be used and Stacey asked attendees if everyone was ensuring these were in place? Some examples of incidents using elevators were highlighted, including a mud motor dropping to rig foor, BHA lifting sub passing through elevator, HWDP sliding through elevators and a logging collar slipping out of elevator. Shell are currently trialling an elevator/pipe matching tool which helps assure size compatibility of elevator to pipe. KCA confirmed that they are also using this elevator/pipe tool and have seen a reduction in elevator incidents. DROPS hope to have the tool manufacturer (NOV) present at a subsequent Forum. Stacey’s presentation is available to view or download here.

Subsea DROPS – Kola Obayomi, LOC

Kola shared the LOC analysis of subsea dropped objects and the interpretation of the DNV code. A model showed the various deviation angles a dropped object may follow subsea, depending on object weight/shape, water depth and other factors. The new DNV code includes “a recommendation that the safe distance should be calculated considering the maximum possible dispersion angle for each type of object falling through the water. If detailed assessment is not made, the safe distance can normally be taken as the larger of 50m or that determined from a dispersion angle of 20 degrees to the vertical”. He presented a series of probability examples and some animated examples clearly showing the different trajectories of different shaped objects. Kola concluded that any assessment should follow the ALARP principle. The presentation (no video content) can be downloaded here. For queries or further information, email

Rollsafe DROPS Protection – Steven Henderson, Rigmar and Jonathan Rowley, System 2000

Rigmar and System2000 presented their Rollsafe system developed to provide a dropped object protection solution, effectively to close off the moon pool area (or similar) and therefore protect workers below and remove the risk of objects falling to sea. Utilising advanced shutter door technology and innovative design, an animation showed the simplicity of installation and the adaptability and versatility of the system. Designed to withstand a 25kg object falling 16m, it is DNV certified and a drop test video was shown to demonstrate the system in use. From pre-installation survey team to commissioning, a moonpool system can be delivered within 12 weeks. Common applications and benefits include use in the moonpool, cargo hatches and survey decks. The presentation (no video content) can be downloaded here. For further details, including video demonstrations, visit

Gas Rack Signage Plate Potential Dropped Object – Alistair Tong, ADC

Alistair presented a recent incident whereby a signage plate (3.8kg) was found hanging precariously from a gas bottle storage rack by a single self-tapping screw when landed on a rig after being lifted from a boat. TOFS was called, the equipment was quarantined and an investigation commenced. Alistair’s presentation catalogues a series of failings and findings: inappropriate securing, inappropriate materials, poor design. There were missing and sheared bolts/fixings; painting behind loose plate and over corroded fixings, and a redundant and failed previous signage method (plastic) that had been secured inside the rack. Clearly, there had been numerous failed opportunities to correct or report the situation during inspection and maintenance. One of the resultant actions from this incident is a recommendation for such plates to be installed on the inside rather than outside of the rack. Alistair’s presentation is available to view or download here.

Focus Groups for 2018 – all attendees

Attending members discussed and suggested potential Focus topics for 2018. A dozen or more topics were suggested and a voting process ensued to select the following top three as potential topics for 2018:

  • DROPS Expansion (sharing with and learning from other sectors, disciplines and industries)
  • DROPS Inspection Competence (including WAH behaviours)
  • DROPS Incidents / Lessons Learned (including open web posting)

Members are invited to volunteer to participate in any of these focus groups. Most of the focus group communication is typically by email with meetings coinciding with DROPS Forums. Subject to numbers/response, an initial meeting will be held at Marcliffe Hotel, Aberdeen on April 17th. This meeting will establish the outline goals for each Focus Group. Full meeting details will be sent to each volunteer in advance.
To volunteer for a DROPS Focus Group, please email stating your chosen Focus Group(s).

Open Floor and Any Other Business

Greg thanked everyone for their participation and invited the attendees to offer any issues for further discussion in the open floor session.

Next meeting

Date:     Tuesday 24 April 2018
Time:     0930 -1200
Venue:  Marcliffe Hotel, Aberdeen
Host:     DROPS Global Steering Committee Members