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IMCA Safety Alerts Dropped Objects February 2018


A recent IMCA alert focused on a number of dropped object incidents, disappointingly with a recurring theme and including:

  • Potential dropped object left on top of cargo – two pieces of unsecured timber 
  • Numerous instances of potential dropped objects being found on containers and equipment being loaded from port to offshore facilities. Primary cause was poor housekeeping and failing to conduct proper inspections
  • HIPO - 19kg Spark Arrestor fell 16m from vessel’s funnel stack to deck. Installed only days before, it became loose due to exhaust pressure, vibration and poor securing
  • HIPO – Satellite Dome fell 17m from mast to deck. Corrosion was found inside (not visible from outside)
  • Another Satellite Dome item fell and landed above wheelhouse. Galvanic corrosion in bolts was a contributing factor, ie mild carbon steel bolts with stainless steel nuts.
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27 Feb 2018