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Shell 2017 Review of Dropped Objects


Stacey Murphy Shell

The Global Wells statistics for YTD for static and dynamic dropped objects. Overall there is an increase in dynamic dropped objects but a big improvement in static. Work is also focusing on lifting and hoisting where there is a big increase in incidents. Lift plans should be used and Forum attendees were asked if everyone was ensuring these were in place? Some examples of incidents using elevators were highlighted, including a mud motor dropping to rig foor, BHA lifting sub passing through elevator, HWDP sliding through elevators and a logging collar slipping out of elevator. Shell are currently trialling an elevator/pipe matching tool which helps assure size compatibility of elevator to pipe. KCA confirmed that they are also using this elevator/pipe tool and have seen a reduction in elevator incidents. DROPS hope to have the tool manufacturer (NOV) present at a subsequent Forum.  

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27 Feb 2018