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DROPS Forum - Aberdeen, 7th December 2017

DROPS UK Forum Minutes
Marcliffe Hotel, Aberdeen

The meeting was opened by Greg and a safety brief was delivered. Round the room introductions followed. Everyone was reminded that Christmas Lunch would follow forum proceedings and OES Asset Integrity Management were thanked for their financial support towards lunch.

DROPS Update – Greg Reid, DROPS

Since last Forum, we are delighted to welcome the following new DROPS members:
Alphasource Inc – USA
Delta Inspection & Petroleum Services – Egypt
Parker Drilling – USA
GCS Integrated Services – Australia
G+ (Global Offshore Wind Health and Safety Org) 
Nile Oil and Gas Services Company - Egypt

The following former members have not renewed their membership:
Standard Arabia - Saudi Arabia
TechnipFMC - UK
Motion Software – UK
Langset Rope Access AS – Norway
Sky Futures – UK

There are some 15 member companies that have not paid their annual subscriptions or have not responded to repeated communications. All will be served with membership termination notices in December.
Reminder to all members to keep us updated with any changes to your designated DROPS Focal Point. Please notify changes to

DROPS North America

DROPS North America Regional Forum held in Houston in November. Extremely well attended and successful event with commitment to publish details in due course.
Strong steering committee looking to support refresh of DROPS guidance and best practice following issue of Recommended Practice.
2018 Workgroups will look at DROPS Calculator and Task-specific Training.

DROPS Saudi Chapter

DROPS Saudi Arabia regular meetings continue and Workgroup update expected imminently.

DROPS Oman Chapter

Further DROPS Oman Chapter meetings where Operators are collaborating with OPAL and their development and imminent launch of a Regional DROPS Standard. Workgroup looking to more formalised DROPS Incident sharing and access

DROPS Asia Chapter

DROPS Asia hosting a webinar on 11th December with focus on Recommended Practice and Reliable Securing Update, with input from DROPS Global.
DROPS Asia looking for additional Operator support for 2018 Steering Committee.

Other Chapters

Ghana: Potential for Chapter and looking for further expressions of interest from Operators and Service Partners.

DROPS Norway

Norwegian Forum was held in October 5th and thanks to Statoil for hosting this event.
Interesting presentations (all published in event minutes) with a follow up presentation today from Gravity8.
Commitment to annual Norwegian DROPS Forum.

2018 UK DROPS Forums

The following dates have been set for UK DROPS Forums in 2018 and all will be held at the Marcliffe Hotel, Aberdeen:
Tuesday 27th February
Tuesday 24th April
Tuesday 18th September
Thursday 6th December (followed by Christmas lunch)

DROPS Training

Since last forum, several very well attended UK DROPS Train-the-Trainer sessions have been held at Silverdot’s offices and further UK dates are scheduled and posted on website, including next session on December 12th.
Training has recently been held in USA (coinciding with Regional Forum) and offshore North Sea.
Further training is planned for Thailand, Kazakhstan, Canada, Oman, USA.
See Training section at or contact for announcement of dates and further information.

DROPS Networking and Collaboration

DROPS Focus Group on Broadening Awareness has developed many potential contacts which we are progressing through and which will continue through 2018.
DROPS assisting in ongoing review of “Dropped Objects” section of OGUK Best Practice for the Safe Packing and Handling of Cargo to & from Offshore Installations. Areas of new interest include Special Containers and “camouflaged” dropped objects. Sample pictures of specialised containers and “camouflage” objects were shown to attendees.
DROPS were invited by IADC to sit on distinguished panel focused on preventing dropped objects at their annual HSE&T Europe Conference in Amsterdam – excellent delegate feedback.
Ongoing dialogue with G+ (Global Offshore Wind Health and Safety Organisation). Delighted to welcome G+ as Associate DROPS members.
DROPS invited by Arqiva and presented at Broadcast and Telecoms Sector Safety Workshop. Arqiva request follow up at Mast & Tower Safety Group Event 2018. Zone Management is a major focus.
Looking to attend / present at regional IOSH Branch Meeting.
Met Step Change re: Joined up thinking videos/workshops on dropped objects (x2).
Presented at LEEA LiftEx Expo – offering links direct with Lifting Equipment designers and manufacturers.
Many more contacts made and being pursued with benefits of sharing best practice already evident.

DROPS Marketing

DROPS marketing materials available to all with Banners, Presentations, Posters, Snakes n Ladders, Literature. To be reviewed and refreshed in 2018. Suggestions for new marketing materials welcome. All requests to

Presenters, Presentations and Support

Greg thanked Presenters in advance and reminded all that nominations/requests for a presentation or demonstration, and any alerts/lessons learned should be sent to

DROPS Recommended Practice & Reliable Securing (Rev 4) – Allen Smith, DROPS

Allen explained how the DROPS Recommended Practice is the overarching guidance, providing consistent and consolidated direction and definitions, with common references to further, more specific, DROPS guidance. The Recommended Practice sets out a high-level, common approach. Although developed by DROPS North America Chapter for Wells, it is valid for all industries, sectors and disciplines and is promoted by DROPS as such. Allen explained where Reliable Securing sits in the hierarchy of guidance and he thanked the Review Team (including Industry Specialist input) for their 18 months of effort that have culminated in the new Revision 4. He gave an overview of the main changes to the document since Revision 3, including: standardised DROPS definitions; removal of brand names; revised sections on bolting; risk assessment; worksite best practice; hoisting and lifting and much more. Allen’s presentation is available to download here.

The updated document is now available in PDF format for free download here (link to PDF download) and DROPS member pack updates will include a higher resolution PDF. Printed A6 Booklets are also now available to order and the details/price list can be viewed here. DROPS Member companies may also request personalised versions (to include your logo on cover and safety message, if required, on inside cover). This branding is free of charge to DROPS members on orders of 250 booklets or more.

Offshore Chemical Portable Tanks – Bas Hetterscheid, Petersons

Bas from Petersons opened with a safety alert shared by MSF in September where a section of grating weighing 17kg fell 6m from the top of a tank. Initial identified causes were failures around the grating clips. Petersons have undertaken a design review of their portable tanks, improving / enhancing the fastenings / nut locking systems and considering all hazards relating to potential dropped objects and working at height. The result is a completely new and innovative design, where many of these potential hazards are now removed or mitigated. Design changes include improved fastenings, introducing stainless steel components, redesigned manhole covers, reducing access height and need for tools aloft, improving visibility and considering potentially loose or misplaced objects in all design features. The presentation is available to download here and a Chemical Tank Datasheet is available to download here. For further information, email

Winter Campaign – Greg Reid

Greg shared the output from the Winter Campaign Focus Group. The campaign comprises a set of teaser posters, a PowerPoint presentation, a further set of posters and print-and-fold Toolbox Talk or Prompt guides. All campaign elements are available free to download here.  Materials are now also available to download in Russian and Azeri and if any other member company can assist with further translations, please contact

Best Practice – Reflective Tape – Alistair Tong, ADC

Alistair shared an overview of an IADC alert from 2015 where finger latches failed and a fatality resulted. During tubular handling, most rigs use a system of visual back up or CCTV system but ADC have found whilst conducting inspections, on more than one occasion, it was not possible to see the position of fingers from a position outside the red zone. Alistair suggested a simple solution that he had witnessed at an IADC event where Noble used reflective tape on the finger latches on their rigs. This simple product appears very effective and Alistair asked if the broader DROPS community have any experience or feedback. Alistair’s presentation is available to view or download here.

Incident Share – Flat Pack Spooler – Calum Clark, Expro

Expro shared a recent learning where a rented spooler unit was being lifted and crew noticed a door to an integral storage compartment was open. Further investigation revealed that an unsecured toolbox (not manifested) was inside the compartment and this could, under different circumstances, have been a significant dropped object. In studying the root causes, it was noted that the compartment is not accessed or used in the Expro operation and it would be expected to be empty. Doors were checked dockside before loading to supply vessel and were adjudged to be secure with antiluce drop catches. Expro assumed Vendor had undertaken all necessary inspections and checks. Expro recognise they need to understand and inspect rented kit and failed to perform a more thorough inspection. Secondary retention or safety securing is not a documented requirement for Antiluce drop catches in Expro, in the UKOG Best Practice or in other industry guidance. Prior to incident, Expro had been looking a secondary retention options but most were found unsuitable. The best solution was found to be a cable tie but this had not been established as a documented requirement. Following the incident, Expro now have a documented requirement that secondary retention must be in place on all units with antiluce drop catches for both outward and inbound transportation. Their recommended tie-wrap size is between 4.7mm and 13.2mm. Calum invited the Forum to consider how the drop lock may have come undone during transportation and if all antiluce drop catches should have secondary retention. He asks the broader DROPS Community if there is a better solution than the cable tie and invites responses to Calum’s presentation is available to view or download here.

GravityLink – Alf Fjelldal, Gravity8

After a successful presentation at the DROPS Stavanger forum, Gravity8 were invited to once agin present “GravityLink” – their new dynamic link safety securing product designed to prevent dropped objects. The design of the link means it is possible to secure objects heavier than 50kg where the necessary size of wire sling and/or the vast load capacity of suitable anchor points would typically preclude effective safety securing. The design absorbs up to 90% of the dynamic force generated in the object’s fall. Example products were shown including a link that can secure an item up to 300kg as well as a small mini version for hand tools. Drop testing and calibration has taken place in their own lab, where an electronic load cell sends signals to a computer to enable analysis in detail of the dropped object. Some case examples were shown and typical applications include floodlights, cameras, antennas, derrick equipment and moving tools etc. Different installation methods were also shown. The GravityLink is patent pending, engineered and produced in Norway. Test videos were shown - one with a 40kg item and a second 300kg item. Annual inspection is currently recommended but the product requires much more extended operational exposure before a change-out frequency could be recommended. The presentation (no video content) can be downloaded here. For queries or further information, email or visit

Open Floor and Any Other Business

Greg reminded members that the February forum will be the opportunity for members to offer suggestions for Focus Groups in 2018. If you cannot attend the forum but have topics that you wish to be considered/addressed, please email them to

Greg thanked everyone for their participation and invited the attendees to offer any issues for further discussion in the open floor session.

If an Operator or a principle Drilling Contractor is interested in joining the Global Steering Committee please can you email

Next meeting

Date:     Tuesday 27 February 2018
Time:     0930 -1200
Venue:  Marcliffe Hotel, Aberdeen
Host:     DROPS Global Steering Committee Members