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DROPS FORUM - Kuala Lumpur, 13th October 2009

Kok Hoong Chung, Aker; Sanson Selva, Azimuth; Ed Ashton, Baker Hughes; Charles Joshua, Azimuth; Tuck Kong Lok, Baker Hughes; Lee Hogan, Baker Hughes; Leou Jiun Tan, Cameron; Christina Chua, Cameron; Marty Knowles, Clearways Offshore; Hartini Razlan, Clearways Offshore; Nadia Omar, Delcom; Mohd Ramadhan B Nin, Delcom; Yong Jia Jing, Delcom; Greg Reid, DROPS; Allen Smith, DROPS; Gary Sims, Expro; Debbie Mecklenburgh, DROPS; Jerryson Abraham Doss, Frontier Drilling; Maheson Tiruchelvam, Expro; Sofian Charman, Frontier Drilling; Alan Wong Kum Kiong, Frontier Drilling; Scott Brand, Halliburton; Steve Allerton, Go-Home Safe; Johnny Yap, KCA Deutag; Jon Ronquillo, Japan Drilling Co; David Woodruff, Maersk; Jonathan How, K2; Rio Nardo Bin Yunardo, Neural Oilfield Services; Muhamad Ghazali, K2; Kok Bin Tan, NOV; David Reynolds, Maersk; Siong Hwee Lim, NOV; Zarith Azleen, Neural Oilfield Services; Adrian Barata, Schlumberger; Evan Chia, NOV; Shahar Hashim, Schlumberger; Adbul Halim Abdullah, SupraAcergy; Zubaidi Rani, Schlumberger; Farid Djerraya, Schlumberger; Doug Simpson, Scorpion Offshore; Jean Claude Jalet, Schlumberger; Francisco Chacin, Shell Brunei; Derry Costello, Schlumberger; Karoly Jakab, Shell China; Abdullah Embong, Scorpion Offshore; Joachim van der Meulen, StopDrop Tooling; Rik De Bruijn, Sarawak Shell; Thad Scott, Weatherford; Sarah Molyneaux, Shell Australia; John Steward, Weatherford; Neil Brown, Southseas; Edwin Cheng, Weatherford; Syamnul Shafie, Weatherford.

Greg Reid opened the Forum and followed with a safety brief.

DROPS Overview – Greg Reid, DROPS
Greg informed the attendees of what DROPS is. DROPS are a global workgroup and its purpose is to focus on the prevention of Dropped Objects. Dropped Objects is the 2nd highest killer in the world and is identifiable across all sectors of the supply chain. 
DROPS Forums have focus groups that they set up and work key deliverable issues throughout the following year e.g. poster campaigns etc. Work Group members all participate contribute and help drive the direction and deliverables of the Campaign. Attendees were introduced to the Campaign Pack that all members received. The work pack contains all the source information that you would require to have an effective Dropped Object Prevention practice.
We want to adopt Best Practices and share these around the world with other members. The DROPS website is a principle tool for sharing information. As tools are developed, most of these can be downloaded from the website.
DROPS Global model was shown and Greg explained that DROPS Asia would make their own decision on their Focus Group deliverables for the year and that DROPS Global will provide any assistance.
Examples of Focus issues that were developed and delivered in the UK were Newsletters, Prompt Cards, Posters and examples of these were in every attendee’s handout bag.
Greg explained the outline of The Reliable Securing booklet. All attendees received a copy. The new version will be available in a few weeks time for all members. Benefits of DROPS in general are fundamentally that members chose the priorities in their area, and can learn from other countries. Becoming a member of DROPS allows you to drive the direction of DROPS.


Oilfield Trash – Allen Smith, DROPS
A short presentation highlighting the global epidemic of uncertified locally modified or fabricated equipment. This presentation included an overview of actual and potential dropped object incidents caused by equipment that was not suitable for use in the workplace. The problem was illustrated by a series of photos of locally modified or fabricated items that were found whilst undertaking DROPS Hazard Hunts or Sweeps on various installations. Modified equipment exposes the workforce to unnecessary risks and potential fatalities.

Go Home Safe DVDs – Steve Allerton, Go-Home Safe
The 2 latest workshop DVD’s that Go-Home Safe has produced were shown. These are based on lifting operations Crane Operations Offshore and Crane Skip Lifting Operations (quayside). For further details on these DVD’s, please email Steve Allerton directly.


DROPS Products – Allen Smith, DROPS
Allen gave an overview of the latest products that are available to members that will help eliminate Dropped Objects. One product is the best practice that we learned from Den Helder, a Rogues Gallery. We will have a cabinet installed at Bristow’s heliport displaying items that were found in a variety of locations.
We have also a game of Snakes & Ladders that has been developed as a workshop tool. There are also poster campaigns to go along with this in a variety of languages. Please email DROPS Administration with all Product and Campaign enquiries. 

The electronic DROPS calculator has been prepared and will be available soon to download from the DROPS website. The user can now input the height and weight of an object directly into the calculator and plot the potential outcome. We were also shown the newly developed Dropped Object Register of Incidents and Statistics (DORIS). 
DORIS is a database that all members can input their own statistics so as we can have an overall picture of member’s data. Investigations within companies should be completed before registering anything in DORIS. Statistics will be issued on a regular basis through the year. We are testing the system currently and a trial database for members will be available at the December forum. The actual Go-Live date will be in January 2010.

Allen also showed a presentation on the Nord-Lock bolt securing system. Traditional bolt securing products have limitations of friction grip and Nord-lock has developed washers that rely upon geometry, not friction. These bolts can be used in a variety of applications i.e. CCTV, structural joints, lifting gear, gratings, handrails etc. 
Follow this link to download the presentation. 
Please email Richard Waddington with all Nordlock enquiries. 
Or email Singapore Enquiries or Malaysia Enquiries

The Cost of Accidents – Greg Reid, DROPS Also shown was an SGB DVD on unsafe behaviours and included a scaffolding themed incident. The DVD is part of the DROPS Members Campaign Pack. If you wish to become a DROPS member, please email DROPS Administration with all membership enquiries. 

DROPS Asia Chapter – Greg Reid, DROPS
Greg gave an overview of what the Asian chapter would involve. The Asian Committee would be appointed and they would then have to set up the:

  • Regional Forums
  • Regional Focus Groups
  • Regional Communication
  • Regional Products

They would however receive support from DROPS Global. The objectives of the Asian chapter would be to explore and implement opportunities to improve Dropped Object Prevention. We would also require the Asian Committee to promote and market DROPS throughout the region. More in-depth details would be given at the next day’s event. 

Lessons and Knowledge Shared – Allen Smith, DROPS
Allen passed around a bit of electrical cable that had fallen 50ft from a cable tray. It was actually used as a bit of packing. If it had struck somebody, it had the potential to be fatality. Shown and described were some more examples of items that had fallen. 
Follow this link to download the presentation. 

Also shown was a presentation that gave us details on Dropsafe’s Mesh Safety Cover. This product was developed after consultation with drilling contractors and each product comes with a Certificate of Test and Examination. These can secure a variety of overhead fixtures i.e. lights, camera’s etc. It works by securing the both the fixture and the fixture components by an integrated security cable. 
Follow this link to download the presentation.

The Way Ahead – Greg Reid, DROPS
The way forward for Asia is for companies to become DROPS Members, a regional Steering Committee to be set up and then focus groups and meetings will follow. Key goal is to spread the DROPS message. DROPS Training is also available. A Train-The-Trainer course would follow the meeting. 

Open Floor and Any Other Business
Greg invited the attendees to offer any issues for further discussion in the open floor session. 
Question was raised whether DROPS Asia would focus on Slips, Trips & Falls? We would not look at this in any detail.
DROPS Inspection - how many companies are associated with DROPS? A number of inspection companies are DROPS members but we do not endorse any company in particular. The focus for 2010 for DROPS Global is to standardise DROPS inspections. A minimum standard will then be made available and you will be able to use as a guideline for your own preferred supplier.