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DROPS Forum - Aberdeen, 28th February 2017

DROPS UK Forum Minutes
Urban Village Hotel, Aberdeen

The meeting was opened by Greg and a safety brief was delivered. Round the room introductions followed.


Since last Forum, we are delighted to welcome the following new DROPS members:
SEFtec Kazakhstan
Stena Aberdeen
Tasman Australia
HAH Kuwait
Odebrecht Brazil
NLG (Never Let Go) UK

We are disappointed that membership has lapsed since last Forum for the following former members:
BLH-DOM – Norway
Det Norske Oljeselskapasa – Norway
KPOC – Malaysia
Loadmaster - USA
Muehlhan – Aberdeen
Petrolift ME - Dubai
QC Iraq - Iraq
Safety First Testing & Inspection - India
Stain Alpinismo Industrial Ltda -Brazil
Vertway – Brazil

It is important that all members keep their DROPS Focal Point contact details up to date. Please notify changes to

DROPS Global Steering Committee

Thanks to our Steering Committee for their support into 2017. The next Steercom meeting will be in April 2017.

DROPS North America

Quarterly meetings (Forum style) continue and a major Regional Event is being planned for Q4.
Workgroup established to develop a common standard reference document for DROPS linking to DROPS guidance and best practice. A pre-draft has now been passed to DROPS Global for assessing alignment against Reliable Securing and Best Practice.
Commitment from North America Chapter to assist DROPS Global with review of DROPS Zone best practice, Calculator upgrades and more.

DROPS Saudi Chapter

DROPS Saudi Arabia Steering Committee established with Nabors, Weatherford (WDI), Schlumberger, Halliburton, Repsol Sinopec and KPS, with support from Saudi Aramco.
Remit to initiate a DROPS campaign in the region, identify and adopt best practice and share output with broader DROPS community.
Regular meetings, forums and communications – Inaugural issue of a regular Newsletter is presently being drafted and this will be shared in DROPS.
Workgroup will also assist in translation of DROPS material (Arabic, Hindi and others).

DROPS Oman Chapter

Forum planned for May 21st in Muscat – full details will be posted on website soon.
This Forum is also intended as a springboard for a potential DROPS Chapter in Oman.
DROPS Train-the-Trainer will be offered to coincide with the Oman Forum.

DROPS Asia Chapter

Planning in early stages for a DROPS Forum in India later in the year (details to follow).
A programme of training / train-the-trainer is also being considered for the Asia Region and dates / venues will be posted on the website in due course.

DROPS Norway

Planning our annual Norwegian Forum for September 2017.
Looking for member support with a venue (Stavanger/Bergen) and volunteers or suggestions for presentations / demonstrations.

2017 DROPS Forums

The next UK DROPS Forums will be held in Aberdeen on April 27th, September 19th and December 7th. Note: all of these will be held at the Marcliffe Hotel, Aberdeen.

DROPS Training

Since last forum, UK DROPS Train-the-Trainer sessions have been held at Silverdot’s offices and further UK dates are scheduled and posted on website, including next session on March 16th. 
Training has recently been held in Middle East, Ireland, Vietnam and Egypt, and most recently in
Invergordon, UK.
Further training is imminent in Saudi and Dubai (April 3rd).
See Training section of for details of all scheduled training or contact for further information.

New DROPS Products

Poster version of DROPS Pre-task Checklist available to download here.
DROPS Resource Guide leaflets available to download here.
Both above also included in Member Campaign Pack update.

DROPS Campaign Pack Updates

Members’ 2017 campaign pack updates have been despatched, including:

  • Archive of all historic DROPS guidance, presentations, videos, promotions, posters, templates etc.

  • All DROPS material gathered in 2016, including DROPS Awareness, member initiatives, third party product information, DROPS promotions, alerts and statistics.

  • Repsol Sinopec’s “High Winds” video production kindly approved for release to members only.


DROPS Networking and Marketing

DROPS in detailed dialogue with IRATA and exploring collaborative opportunities and mutual exchanges. IRATA to present at UK April Forum. Associate DROPS membership to be extended to IRATA. 
Wind Energy Industry events reviewed. Looking to represent DROPS through paper or presentation at major event in pursuit of greater interface with sector.
DROPS Global supporting a major Shell DROPS Awareness event in Holland from May 9th – 11th. 
DROPS marketing materials available to all with Banners, Presentations, Posters, Snakes n Ladders, Literature, including latest DROPS Resource Guides, available to support your event. All requests to

DROPS Focus Groups

All Reliable Securing Review Team comments have now been received and document alignment is being reviewed against the DROPS Reference Guide pre-draft. Thereafter, a draft Reliable Securing update will be sent electronically to all on the Review Team for further review, comment and progression to final draft.
Potential new focus issues and quick hits to be discussed later in proceedings.

Presenters and Presentations

Greg thanked Forum Presenters and invited anyone to suggest a future presentation or table-top demonstration by contact with  and to please continue sharing alerts and lessons learned via

Preventing Dropped Objects from Forklift Pockets – Julian Poyner, Hoover Ferguson

Julian introduced Hoover Ferguson and provided an overview of a novel concept currently being developed to prevent potential dropped objects falling from forklift pockets on containers. A protective cover or flap is installed at the aperture of each forklift pocket. The cover has a castellated hinge allowing it to fall and accept the forklift fork (or tang) and return to the closed position when the fork withdraws. The flap/protector is of synthetic, high visibility materials which aid the forklift operator in low light. The product can be retrospectively fitted to existing containers or engineered into the design of new containers. Replacement flaps / protectors can be field installed with relative ease. To date, design and testing has been undertaken for standard sized pockets and containers and results have been positive. A sample product was displayed and passed around the attendees for review and feedback. Julian noted that the product was still very much in the design phase but sought questions and comment that he could feed back to the design team. A good exchange ensued among the delegates touching on potential pitfalls, costs, benefits, materials, maintenance etc. Julian invited any further comment from the broader DROPS community to be directed to Julian’s presentation is available to download here.

Refreshing DROPS Best Practice and Tales from the Field – Allen Smith, DROPS

Allen shared observations from his activities in the field and around the world. He reminded us of the common DROPS objectives and considered the potential consequences we face when a dropped object occurs. He looked at the opportunities we have to prevent dropped objects, particularly around Hazard Identification and Risk Management. He reviewed standard Hierarchy of Controls and touched on the many controls (preventive and mitigating) at our disposal. Allen considered DROPS best practice, and highlighted the work currently being undertaken by DROPS USA in developing broad-reaching Best in Class guidance for Drilling & Well Intervention. He described how this and future efforts would help in the update of our DROPS Best Practice guidance documents, including several aspects of DROPS Zone Management, Pre-task Risk Assessments and use of the DROPS Calculator. Allen concluded with a focus on the benefits of active Engagement and Leadership in DROPS by all. Allen’s presentation is available to download here.

Suggested Focus Groups & Quick Hit Topics – All attendees

All attendees worked in small groups to develop suggested issues / topics for DROPS to work in 2017. The following new Focus Groups / Topics were suggested and recommended by majority consensus:

  • DROPS Winter Campaign

  • Broader Industry Engagement by DROPS

In the coming weeks, DROPS will endeavour to engage the necessary participation and support of members for these Focus Groups to progress.

Several other topics were suggested, including Automated Zone Management, Tool Transitions and Requirements/HSE Standards for Survey & Inspection. For now, these topics will not be considered for Focus Groups but they may in the future. 

A number of Quick Hit topics were identified and suggested. DROPS will pursue, or explore the viability of, each of these as follows:

  • Iconised guidance/ hazard prompts for use in Toolbox Talks, JSAs, Pre-task Assessment

  • New DROPS Poster Set with example Facts & Figures, More generic content/less offshore focus

  • Greater awareness of Low level DROPS

  • Container security awareness

  • Outbound Cargo Improvements

  • Awareness of Metallurgy Compatibility/Conflicts/Dangers.

Open Floor and Any Other Business

Greg thanked everyone for their participation and invited the attendees to offer any issues for further discussion in the open floor session.  

Next meeting (Be aware of NEW VENUE):

Date:       Thursday 27 April 2017
Time:      0930 -1200
Venue:    Marcliffe Hotel, Aberdeen
Host:       DROPS Global Steering Committee Members